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6 Things To Do Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

wedding dress shopping

You’re about to begin the search for the most important dress you’ll ever wear, wedding dress shopping, no big deal! 

Shopping for your wedding dress is hugely exciting but with SO much choice out there (like thousands of options!) it’s best to put the prep in before you head out and find yourself overwhelmed. 

Before you venture out take a look at these six tips that will help make your experience as easy as pie. 

1. Do your research 

Get online, pin until your hearts content, flick through magazines and get an idea (it only has to be a very rough idea and you’re allowed to change your mind!) of what styles you love. When you visit the bridal boutiques show your consultant your Pinterest board to give her an idea of what you are after. We bet it’ll make the experience a lot easier and more fun. 

2. Know how much you (realistically) have to spend

Sorry to be the big bad wolf here but there’s no point shopping for your dress if you don’t know how much you plan or have to spend. Wedding dresses can range from moderate to certainly not modest and you don’t want to fall in love with a gown only to discover later that you simply can’t afford it. 

3. Think about your overall look

Are you a whimsical bride, a glamorous bride, a vintage bride or something else? Before any appointments think about how you would like to be described on your wedding day – will that be elegant, fashion forward, traditional? Think of those words and how they will impact on your wedding dress choice. 

wedding dress shopping

4. Have faith in your bridal consultants

They do this job for a living and you really need to put your trust in them, even if the dress they choose is nothing you would ever pick – we’ve heard it a lot, this is the dress lots of brides-to-be go for in the end! 

5. Don’t forget to budget for accessories

Although a huge part of the budget your dress is only the first step to completing your wedding look. Don’t forget to budget in accessories. From shoes, veil, jewellery and underwear, the costs can soon add up. 

6. Carefully consider your shopping partners

Have you decided who you will bring along with you to your appointments? Take only those people who are closest to you and have your very best interests at heart. If you and your mam don’t see eye to eye on everyday fashion, maybe she isn’t the best person to bring? Try to limit your numbers to no more than three, anymore and the amount of opinions might get confusing! 

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