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7 Loose Ends To Tie Up After Your Big Day

after wedding

Right now the biggest and best day of your life might seem like a lifetime ago, and chances are you’re still in that ‘Just Married’ bubble. With the huge to-do lists out of the way you might think your work is done but there are things to do and loose ends to tie up before you really can settle into married life. 

We hear it time and time again, how quickly the wedding day came and went. For many couples there is a period of adjustment and sometimes the post wedding blues do hit – totally understandable when you’ve spent so much time and energy creating the perfect day. 

To keep your mind busy here are seven things to clear up after your honeymoon. 

after wedding

1. Thank your suppliers and leave them a review on social media.

Word of mouth and real life reviews are exactly what wedding suppliers love. Your honest opinions help them grow and reach more couples and we guarantee they will be super thankful for your taking the time to shout their business. 

2. Change your name – if you’ve chosen to do so.

Remember you will have to change all your personal details including bank accounts, passport, driver license and insurances. It’s not the most exciting task but one that needs done! 

3. Send thank you cards.

You will want to send thank you cards to your guests for their presence at your wedding day and their gifts but this is one task that doesn’t have to be carried out straight away. You may want to make the cards yourself or use images from your wedding day from the photographer. 

4. Clear any final payments.

Hopefully you’ll have everything sorted before the wedding day but it’s a good idea to check through all your invoices to make sure all bills are settled before you crack on with future money plans. 

after wedding

5. Have your dress dry cleaned.

The dance floor and walks across the lawn can be tough on your wedding dress so look after it properly by having it dry cleaned and store away in an appropriate cover. 

6. Finalise your photographs and order prints.

This is an exciting task to complete. If you have chosen an album package you will love choosing the precious photos to go it in. Many couples choose to gift their parents a mini album for their Christmas gift after the wedding so have fun doing that too, and don’t forget to have your favourites printed for the walls! 

7. Treat your main ‘wedding helpers’ to an evening out – or in!

A BBQ to say thank you to your parents, attendants and anyone who helped at your wedding is a great, and personal way to say an extra thank you – it’ll give you the perfect excuse to chat all things wedding for another evening! 

(Images from Marie-Therese and James’ wedding by Circus Photography) 

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