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8 Wedding Regrets Not To Make!

We recently asked on the Mrs2be Wedding Planning Facebook group if you had any wedding day regrets. Here’s a few that were mentioned and some we’ve added into the mix! If you love to chat all things wedding day can we suggest you join the group, it’s full of lovely ladies (and a few gents!) who are looking advice and often share their own ideas and wedding tips. 

Regret 1: Not eating the wedding cake! 

Just eat the cake! If you think you’ll be too busy chatting or dancing to remember why not put it on your list for the venue to look after? Ask them to keep a section for you and your hubby to enjoy later in the evening or the next day. 

Regret 2: Not seeing the reception room set up before the guests arrive into it. 

Some of us will love the surprise, others not so much! I know I’m a control freak who likes to know what is going on and how something looks, especially after imagining it for a long time beforehand. Do you, if you want to see it don’t let your wedding planner talk you out of it. 

Regret 3: Not having a fake tan trial. 

If you’re a fake tan wearer you will understand the stress that comes with trying to scrub a dodgy orange patch off! You don’t want this on the morning of your wedding, do the trial, find the tan that works for your skin and don’t be orange! 

Regret 4: Not wearing in your wedding day shoes. 

Especially if you’re not a big heel wearer and have chosen a delicate pair for the Big Day. Pop a pair of socks on a give them an outing (in the house!) for a few days beforehand. 

Regret 5: Not booking a videographer. 

Not having a wedding videographer is one of the most common regrets we hear about. Budgets don’t always stretch and we understand that but if you have even the tiniest feeling you’d like one try to make changes to your budget to allow. 

Regret 6: Not having the final say on the guest list. 

Stay strong and remember it is your day, you can have who you do and don’t want attend. End of story! 

Regret 7: Following traditions that you don’t really agree with.

Go with your gut. If you want to see your husband-to-be before the ceremony, go for it. There are no rules, only traditions that don’t have to be abided to if it’s not your thing. 

Regret 8: Not choosing the vendors you really love and want. 

Your dream photographer not available on your proposed day? Now it’s really decision time, would you change your date to have your dream team? Again, give yourself plenty of time to consider all these options, no two wedding days are ever the same or ever the same to plan – do you. 

Don’t have regrets about your wedding day! Sure you can’t control absolutely everything (weather, we’re looking at you!) but give yourself enough time to plan and consider each of your decisions wisely. 

(Images via this stunning Greek wedding day) 

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