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8 Weeks to go to my wedding in Sorrento, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Sorrento ItalyGreetings fellow missies 🙂

Welcome back to my blog, you will have to excuse my absence as I was travelling to Las Vegas for my job (it’s a hard life for some of us). The plus side of this was I managed to pick up my wedding shoes in one of Vegas’s many super outlet shops. Really happy with my strappy sandals 🙂

Believe it or not, this time tomorrow 8 weeks I will be a married woman! I can hardly believe it is coming around so fast. I still have a lot of preparations to do!! I will be in Sorrento for all the last minute planning the weekend of 23rd April so I am really looking forward to that now. We will be making final decisions on how our tables are going to be laid out in the restaurant, picking out some nice spots along the Amalfi Coast where we can take some wedding photos and of course the all important food and wine tasting.

As I mentioned before, our wedding reception is in an Italian restaurant down by the sea. The menu will have some typical Italian dishes – probably Potato Gnocchetti made in the Sorrento style for the first course, and of course a bit of a regular main course to keep all our guests happy.  We are still waiting to hear back from one or two guests so cannot finalise our table plan just yet – I guess we will be still messing around with that a few days before the wedding.

At the moment I am trying to think of some nifty ideas of how to keep the guests amused at the tables while the meal is being served. All I can come up with so far is a card called “What tree did you fall from?”. I am planning on printing on these as cards for the tables – its just something small for the guests to read and start chatting about.

I’m open to ideas here, given the fact we are in Italy our resources a little more limited. I haven’t even got around to thinking of table names yet!  What are you fellow brides doing? If anyone has any funky suggestions please let me know.

I’ve been checking out the Martha Stewart website also – she has some great ideas for favours and table settings etc.  I am doing without favours (wedding budget is big enough already!). I’m hoping to home-make the name cards and menu cards myself something like this. Blue Peter watch out! (I’m all for saving a few pennies that we can then spend on our 4 week honeymoon in the US of A! 🙂

In my last blog entry I told you I had started the women’s only FITT Bootcamp.  What an eye opener as to how unfit I was! We did a series of 4 weeks, 3 classes a week. This was a combination of 2 indoor classes and an outdoor class on Saturdays in the Phoenix Park. The 1 hour class was a combination of warm up running, press ups (half press ups for us weakling ladies), squats, lunges, burbpies (if don’t know what this is trust me you don’t want to), abs workout, arms workout. I couldn’t move my arms or legs after. It’s a really good class, some of the exercises are quite difficult if you are a beginner but you know what they say about plenty of practice. I’m just sorry its over for me :(. I will have to resort to doing my very own bootcamp in the field!

Well that’s it from me for today – plan on and stay stress free missies 🙂

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