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9 Tips for Your Winter Wedding Photos

Autumn and winter are a magical time of the year to be married but your wedding photography will take a slightly different approach than a summer wedding. Today we’re sharing 9 tips to get the best of your winter wedding photos. 

Winter Wedding Photos

1. Perfect Timing 

The sun sets much earlier during the winter months so it is darker earlier in the day and you should adjust your photography schedule to make good use of the light. Having your ceremony earlier in the day is a great way to counterbalance this problem but always speak to your photographer about how your day will flow. 

2. Love the Lighting 

Make use of the ambient lighting in your venues. From twinkling fairy lights to atmospheric candle light, all these make for amazing images. Speak to your venues wedding planner about the lighting options available and be sure to remember to pin-point certain areas such as your cake table. 

3. Weather-Proof your Outfits 

It’s better to have a cosy coverup available and not use it than not have one! Be prepared for chilly weather for you, your bridesmaids and any small bridal party members. A cute cardigan for your flower girl is a great options, head here for some of our current favourites. 

Winter Wedding Photos

4. Shoes for Days

If you’ve saved hard for a gorgeous pair of designer heels have a back up pair that are outdoor friendly. Welly boots, Converse or your favourite pair of beloved boots are all great ideas especially if you find yourself in the middle of a field getting the shot! 

5. Bring your Brolly

It’s a good idea to have nice umbrellas on standby for wet weather, they don’t need to be overly fancy, plain black golf umbrellas will do the trick and keep some of the Irish rain off you during your photos. 

6. Keep your Hands Warm 

Even if you have your best smile on, blue hands will be a giveaway as to the weather conditions on the day! Keep your hands warm with pretty knitted gloves or go chic with a leather pair. 

Winter Wedding Photos

7. Scope out your Venue

Before the Big Day speak to your photographer and be sure to ask if they have shot at your venue before. If not arrange an informal walk-around so you can discover the best places for photography inside and out. 

8. Embrace the weather – especially if you get a sprinkling of snow! 

No matter your budget, you can’t control the weather so relax and embrace whatever the Irish weather brings, chances are, in years to come you won’t remember what it was doing on the day you married your fiancé! 

9. Sparkle the night away with a firework display or a sparkler send-off. 

If it’s in your budget and fireworks are your jam we say go for it, just remember to inform your photographer so they stay to capture all the incredible photo opportunities that will happen. 

(Image credits: 1. Ivan Zamanuhin, 2. Carolyn Bentum Photography, 3. Andrea Ellison Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)


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