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Got the bridesmaids dresses, table plan, wedding rings and FITT Bootcamp

Greetings fellow missies! Hope all your wedding preparations are coming along well, its now 11 weeks to my big day and I am starting to get very excited. We finally got our pre-nuptial enquiry completed with the Priest, that was straight-forward enough. Just a note to be aware of – you need to get a NEW baptismal cert before meeting the Priest – the one issued after your baptism is no-good, it has to be a recent issue. Lesson learned for me. And I am almost at the end of the paperwork, Halleluiah!

Bridesmaid dressI told you about my bridesmaid dress shopping in my last update, and I am glad to say we have the dresses picked. The dresses are from Coast, it is a really lovely dress. I tried shopping around on the internet for a more economical version but couldn’t find anything as nice as this so I succumbed. Check it out – The girls are delighted – hopefully it is a dress that will be worn again to another big event (but obviously not as big or exciting as my big day ha ha!!)

We are ordering our rings this weekend too. My engagement ring is a marquee shape so I want my wedding ring to sit properly into the engagement ring. I have seen some lovely samples, it will be almost like a wishbone wedding ring. They are not as expensive as I imagined, probably hitting around €600 for a nice white gold ring with a an added bit of bling (a must!) 🙂 The men’s rings are reasonable starting upward of €300 for a plain white gold ring. I know people who have gone up the North to purchase their rings and saved a small bit, but I am happy enough with these prices and it will be with a reputable supplier. I am not looking forward to leaving my engagement ring in in order to have the wedding ring made – I will be without it for 3-4 weeks, I imagine my hand will feel very naked! (sniff sniff!) 🙁

Mr. M and the lads have booked their stag weekend – lucky suckers are heading off to Malaga for 2 days sun, sand and sangria! (and that is all I have to say about that). I have just decided I am definitely going to need to buy a new dress to wear on my hen night – more dosh gone from the bank account – ouch!

In other news I am starting exercise Bootcamp this week in Blanchardstown – 3 days a week for 6 weeks. If a bit of “Drill Sergeant” won’t whip me into shape then nothing will! Check out I will let you know how I get on (after the pain has subsided of course!)

The next exciting item on my agenda is I’ve booked flights to go to Sorrento for a few days a month before our wedding takes place. This will be a perfect time to confirm our menu and wine choices, decide on the layout of our tables in the venue, meet the photographer to discuss what photos we want on the day and also double check the DJ’s playlist. And hopefully catch a ray or two of sun while we are there too 🙂

I am actually looking forward to doing the table plan (remember Monica in Friends with all her blue and red pins!). For any of you IT savvy ladies – there is a nifty bit of software called Perfect Table Plan. I use this in work for working out table plans for big gala dinners so I am taking advantage and using it for the wedding table plan too. You can put in little rules to say “Auntie Mags should never sit beside Uncle Tommy” and visa versa! It works wonders and saves lots of time. It costs only €20.00 and if you are an organising nerd like me it also provides hours of fun!! Download from

Well that’s it from me for today – plan on and stay stress free missies 🙂

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