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Mismatched Bridesmaids

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

It’s been a hot trend across the Atlantic for years and we love the idea of this too! Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses… sure, it might sound strange, but it can be done and it can look amazing! 

Your bridesmaids are probably as different from each other as you can imagine. Some might be fair, others are dark. Some might be bubbly extroverts, others might be quite shy. Some might be one of the lads and others might be real girlie girls. So it’s a tough job trying to decide on a colour and style of dress that will suit everyone!

The thought of allowing bridesmaids to choose their dresses might strike fear into the hearts of even the calmest bride to be, but have no fear! All this means is that they’ll be able to pick a dress they like, that flatters their shape and colouring, and most importantly, that you can afford. Because we all want happy bridesmaids… right?

And don’t worry about losing control. We’ve got some tips on how to keep your team coordinated, even though they may not be dressed the same.

1. Keep The Colour Palette The Same

This option works particularly well if colour is a big part of your wedding day. Take a blue colour theme, for example. Some people look better in navy blue, others in sky blue, and others in aqua. By keeping your colour palette the same, but allowing your girls to choose a shade that flatters their own colouring and tying it all together with matching bouquets and the same colour accessories you’ll have a team that looks elegant and coordinated!

Different Shade Bridesmaids Dresses


2. Keep The Dress Style The Same

Let’s face it… some girls don’t suit strapless dresses, others don’t suit halter necks. But you could keep the style of the dress the same, and allow the girls to choose the colour or the cut of the dress. In our first photo, the dresses are silky and floaty, but the tops are all different (not to mention two different, beautifully complementary colours!) In the second photo the dresses are exactly the same, but each dress is a different colour.

Same Style, Different Colour Bridesmaids Dresses


3. Keep The Exact Colour The Same

This option works well for brides who are determined to have a particular colour for their bridesmaids. We’d recommend getting a couple of fabric swatches in the colour you like, give them to your bridesmaids and let them pick their own dresses. You may also want to include a few notes about length, or fabric.

Same Colour Different Style Bridesmaids Dresses


4. Keep The Dress The Same

This is a really cute trend, especially for those brides having black bridesmaid dresses (although it can work for all colours). If you’ve picked a dress that all your bridesmaids are happy with, why not try accessorising each bridesmaid differently? This could involve different coloured shoes or even completely different bouquets for each!

Black Bridesmaids Dresses With Different Accessories

Same Colour Bridesmaids Dresses With Different Colour Shoes


5. Free For All!

Of course the best thing about your big day is that it’s just that… it’s yours! You’re completely free to do as you like and for some brides that means not having anything matching whatsoever. And it works. And it’s beautiful.

Mix And Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Free For All Bridesmaids Dresses


So what do you think? Would you consider having mismatched bridesmaids? What option would you choose?


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