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EngagedJuly09 – setting the wedding date

EngagedJuly09My first blog was all about how we got engaged. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.

So next step after that is to set the date. About a month or so after we announced the engagement I was itching to get the wedding booked so we went looking at hotels – h2b said we were looking too soon but I couldn’t help it!! We found a hotel that we both liked and we were just looking at what dates they had free – I was initally thinking about the October bank holiday weekend but my best friend is getting married in September and I am her bridesmaid (yes if you are reading this Septemerbride that is you!!) so thought it would be too close together so my h2b suggested New Year’s Eve and was thinking yes that sounds good – big party and give everyone something to do on NYE. Anyway the hotel, Lord Bagenal Hotel had the date free so looking good.

Next we tried to ring the priest of the church where we wanted to get married but he was away on holidays. We picked the church as it links to both families – my brother lives in that village and his two daughters got christened in it, and also my h2bs Mum is from there too and his parents got married there too. So we asked the hotel to keep the date for us provisionally which they did. Then once the priest came back we booked the church and went back and paid the deposit on the hotel. So that was the date set!!

We then had to decide on bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen. I am having four bridesmaids – my sister, three really good friends and h2b has his cousin as best man (no brothers) and then three friends as groomsmen. We also have a rough idea of the guest list but we need to sit down soon and go through it again.

Next time on mrs2be – booking my wedding suppliers….

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