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10 Things You’ll See at Every Irish Wedding this Summer

If you’re anything like me your summers have become distinctly less festival and way more wedding based as more and more friends jump on the knot-tying bandwagon like it’s going out of fashion (it’s not). And if you’re getting married yourself you’re probably more than acquainted with a lot of these things we think you’ll be coming across at various wedding celebrations this year*.

1. Groomsmen in Various Geeky/Nerdy Getups


We’re seeing an abundance of Lego boutonnieres, Marvel Comic socks and several caped Page Boys. 

2. Someone in the Same Dress as You


Ireland is small, and there’s only so many dresses on ASOS to choose from. 

3. Yourself, Wasting Away waiting for Food between the Ceremony and Reception


Surely these pints will tide me over until the dinner bell…?

4. Judgy Aunties


Has nobody told Aunt Miriam that crop tops are a staple nowadays?

5. Someone Ruining Your Current Favourite Box Set with a Massive Spoiler


Did you say ‘dread weddings’ or ‘RED wedding’?! *Runs away with fingers in ears*

6. Every Woman Chucking their Heels Away at Approximately 9pm.


And if you’re lucky you MAY see a basket of complementary flip flops to change into. But don’t quote us on that.

7. A Very Funny yet Incredibly Serious Dance-Off


It’s just not an Irish wedding without hysterical dancefloor antics.

8. Everyone Horsing the Evening Food into themselves like they’ve Never seen a Sausage Roll before.


BUT you’ll be happy to hear that evening food at Irish weddings has significantly improved over recent years.

9. Nobody Leaving the Rezzy B before 4am


One for the road. This is the last one now lads. Sure he still has half a pint left… Do you know what song I LOVE… 

10. Beards


We’re not complaining. Beards are hot.

Main image of Samantha & Jaco’s wedding by Yvonne Vaughn photography, which actually wasn’t a typical Irish wedding by any means (the couple are from Texas for a starter!)

*Of course we say ‘every’ with tongue firmly in cheek!

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