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Final blog post as a single woman!

wedding abroad Sorrento, ItalyWell Missies here I am on the final countdown (que music du, du, du, du) to my wedding day – early next week we will be in Sorrento (hopefully by non-ash infested airways and not by ferry and 24 trains!!). As well as ourselves and all our guests, one of my bridesmaids is studying at the moment and has an exam the day before the wedding so she is flying out to Naples the evening before. We cannot afford any disruptions at all.  Someone else in my position could be already needing the defibrillators but I’m not freaking out yet – I’m really trying not to worry about what is out of my control (aaahhhh!)…..

Seriously though I can’t believe the time is upon us already after a year and a half of planning, we thought the day would never come.  Sadly this will my last Mrs2be blog as I will be doing all my final preparations this week (waxing, exfoliating, packing…you ladies know the drill) 😉  I have to put a big thanks out to my future sister in law who has been helping me beautify over the last few months – how lucky am I that she is a beauty therapist so I have been spoilt with facials, manicures and pedicures. She is looking after my make up do on the day.

I collected my dress on Saturday, luggage in tow, they wrapped it up nicely and put it into the suitcase for me with my shoes – “carry on” of course (can you imagine that screaming conniption in lost luggage!).  Mr.M and all the lads have collected their suits and are all raring to go.  That was of course after a funny incident in the suit shop where during alterations they cut seven and half inches off the my hubby2be’s suit in error – he came out of the changing room looking like a clown, it was hilarious! (obviously laughing after the cold sweat had subsided and we confirmed we could get another pair in time!). As for something old (watch), something new (dress), something borrowed (pearls from my sister in law) and something blue (garter) I couldn’t be more ready.

I’ve been finalising the table plan this week which as you all know is great fun.  We have 60 guests so it is definitely not as difficult as a lot of bigger weddings would be, but there is always someone sitting somewhere less than ideal.  Sure we will only be sitting for a while before the dancing.  We have named our tables after famous horses as my groom loves the racing as do a lot of our guests.

I still have not collected our rings due to the fact the jeweller himself went off to get married, but no panic, we are collecting them this week.  I don’t mind about that as not having it at home prevents the temptation of wanting to constantly try it on… this way it will be still sparkling on the big day :-0

I can’t wait to have a few days to relax by the pool before the big day and a get definite bit of tanage.  We are planning a day on a boat trip to Capri as well so I am really looking forward to that. Here’s hoping for a fantastic week in Sorrento with our family and friends, followed by a really great honeymoon on the West Coast of the US. The next post from SlightlyBonkers will be as a married woman! 🙂

I wish all Mrs2Be brides to be good luck on their exciting journeys and with all wedding plans over the next year!

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