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Instagram And Your Wedding – Is It For You?

If you are not a social media lover this may go right over your head, but we suggest you stay for the ride; you might just like it!

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Using a bespoke Instagram hashtag to group your wedding guests’ Instagram images together is becoming very popular, but what are the real pros and cons? Read on to find out!

Earlier in the week we mentioned adding an Instagram hashtag to your wedding as an eco-friendly way of replacing disposable cameras for your guests. If you’re an instagrammer yourself, you might be of the view that this is the perfect way to look back at your day once it’s over – through the eyes of your guests. But how do you know if using Instagram for your wedding is right for you?

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  • You get to not only create your very own hashtag, but also a little blackboard or sign displaying your choice! They are usually very cute and make a funky piece of art for your home after the day.
  • It’s fun and it gets everybody involved.
  • Filters.  Boy, do we heart those ever-flattering filters!
  • Once you have saved all the images with your hashtag, you have the pretty nifty choice of getting them printed into little fridge magnets, one giant Instagram collage, or cute polaroids. We love this idea – very modern for today’s social media loving society! Have a look at for more.

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  • You won’t own the images that have your hashtag, which for some couples is a big downside. You should refer to Instagram’s Privacy Policy for further info on ownership and sharing.
  • Images of your day are in the public realm for all to see. For some, their wedding pictures are not something they want the world to have access to.
  • The images themselves are actually really small, at around 600 pixels each. In other words, you will never be able to make a giant five foot canvas from them! The quality is only good enough for quirky little prints, such a the polaroid.
  • Older guests who don’t use Instagram and those without a smartphone will miss out on all the hashtag fun, unless they join Instagram thanks to you, of course!
  • Guests may be shy about uploading all images from your day, as nobody wants to be that annoying Instagram user.
  • Filters. Also on the pros list. Flattering as they are, you might find there are no ‘real’ images of the day.

So, there you have it, arguments both for and against. We’d love to hear which camp you are in, why not share your thoughts in the comment section below?

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