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Jewish Wedding Celebration with Monochrome Touches at Lyrath Estate Hotel by Circus Photography

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-1

Ann and Matthew chose the beautiful 17th century surroundings of Lyrath Estate Hotel in Kilkenny for their relaxed family friendly wedding this past June. We’re excited to share their day with photography from Suzanne at Circus Photography and their stunning Jewish ceremony, complete with impressive floral adorned Chuppah.

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Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-6

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Ann and Canadian, Matthew met during a night out in Melbourne. After their first date Matthew told his housemates he had found the one!

“Matt and I moved from Melbourne back to Dublin to be closer to family and shortly after, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. My mum and I are quite close and my father passed away shortly after I was born. I have a beautiful photograph of my mum and dad when they were dating that was taken on Portmarnock beach the first time my father told my mother he loved her. Matt proposed while I was heavily pregnant. We took a long stroll on Portmarnock Beach and after we had been walking for a while Matt bent down to fix my shoe. After taking in the scenery I looked down to see him on one knee with a ring in his hand. He told me he loved me and loved every moment of our life together and that the only thing that could make him happier would be if I said yes and married him….. I said yes! Later I learned that the spot where he proposed to me is the exact same spot where my parents were in the photo – it still brings me to tears,” said Ann.

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Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-9

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-10

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-11

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Ann used a wedding planning app to keep track of her plans and together with Matt they chose to hold both their ceremony and reception at Lyrath Estate Hotel with a small family gathering of 54 guests.

“We went with a black and white colour scheme, with a splash of blue. After originally setting our budget we soon realised we needed to increase it, especially as we were keen to offer the best entertainment to our guests who had travelled from Canada,” said Ann.

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-13

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-14

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-15

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-16

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-17

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-18

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-19

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-20

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-21

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-22

Ann’s stunning bridal hair and makeup is one of our favourite looks!

“My hair and makeup ladies, Leavern and Karen were fabulous! Easygoing, timely, very organised and professional! I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Our make-up was flawless and unique to our liking and the hairdos were fabulous! I have been trying to recreate the hairstyle that Leavern did for my 2yr old daughter who usually has hair like Don King!”

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-23

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-24

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-25

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-26

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-27

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-28

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Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-34

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-35

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-36

“The day was great! I was told by a close friend to expect stuff to go wrong on the day as it usually does – well she was right!

During the meal, I believe it was just before the main course, my 76 year old mum fell over on her way back from outside. She had a busted lip and large cuts to her chin, head, hands and knees. My mum missed the rest of the wedding. She spent the rest of the day in her bedroom with my aunt. 

Also, one of our guests had to take a cab to the hospital as he was having an allergic reaction to something unrelated to our wedding and he was going into shock. He arrived back two hours later good as new. 

We also had some entertainment that arrived late and a few issues with finer details.

In chatting with people about the events of the day I have discovered that these are minor issues. I have heard some crazy stories from people. Remember: If everything were to go perfectly, it would be boring. For every disaster there is a story to be told!” said Ann.

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-37

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-38

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-39

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-40

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-41

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-42

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-43

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-44

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-45

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-46

The Chuppah was beautifully decorated by florist Maruta Burtniece, Kilkenny.

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-47

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-48

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-49

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-50

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-51

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-52

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-53

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-54

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-55

Ann’s Advice

Relax – It will all work out on the day.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are more than willing to help out, dish some tasks over their way.

Some stuff will surely go wrong, don’t stress just go with it.

Your wedding day will be the longest & shortest day of your life. Take a minute for yourselves to be in the moment.

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-57

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-58

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-59

Lyrath-Estate-Hotel- Kilkenny-Circus-Photography-60

Wedding Suppliers

Venue: The Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny

Photographer: Suzanne Fahey, Circus Photography

Wedding dress: Sharon Hoey, Dublin

Wedding dress alterations: Clothing Alterations, Crumlin, tel: 01 492 3287

Bridal accessories: Algie’s Accessories, Abbey Street Upper, Dublin

Groomswear: Protocol for Men, Dublin

Cake: The Coffee House, 169 Drimnagh Rd, Dublin 12

Flowers: Maruta Burtniece, Kilkenny

Entertainment: Celtic Rhythm Dancers, tel: 087 6778204

DJ: Brian Henderson, tel: 085 8311055

Photo booth: Soapbox Photo Booth, tel: 085 1198040

Hair: Leavern, Kilkenny, tel: 086 8065150

Makeup: Karen Maher, Kilkenny, 086 2597777


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