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Ingredients For a Great Engagement Party

Ingredients for a great engagement party friends, family and a good heavy dose of craic!

Mr and Mrs P


As you can probably guess from the title of this post we had our engagement party! To be honest I cannot take any credit for this, that all lies with my little sister, Cathrina, who also happens to be my maid of honour and I cannot even begin to put into words just what a good job she did.

When she first mentioned having an engagement party I was a little apprehensive. You see I am the type of person that loves a good party, I love small ones, big ones, fancy ones, cosy ones and I particularly love planning surprise ones. There is only one kind of party that makes me a little uneasy – parties for me.

Little did I know Cathrina seemed to have caught my party planning bug and was already in cahoots with my mum and dad. It turns out I need not have worried.

The party was everything I could have wanted or hoped that it would be. It was nothing over the top or formal, with a little bit of silliness thrown in for good measure and so Mr P and I officially celebrated our engagement with some of our closest family and friends.

It was held in my local pub in my home town, and was simple and straight forward. An area in the bottom bar was reserved and we had a DJ with some karaoke which proved to be a huge hit. There were sandwiches and party nibbles and the bar manager had bottles of champagne on ice for a big party toast.

Cathrina, knowing my love for fancy dress but the time limits for the party, brought along tons of joke face masks, glasses and wigs. This proved to be a fantastic ice breaker for friends and family who had not yet met and, as the night went on and the drinks were flowing, these titbits appeared in almost every photograph that was taken. I had a sore side from giggle the next morning at the sight of all our loved ones in their jokey gear. It has also given me a few ideas for the wedding reception as well but more on that later.

Karen's Engagement Party

Not quite the classy newly-engaged look I was going for!

I can wholeheartedly say both Mr P and I had a fantastic time and I don’t think I could have chosen a better girl for the job of being my right hand woman. I just don’t think she has realised what she has let herself in for as I may drag her kicking and screaming into more of the planning process.

If you are planning on having an engagement party I have some advice:

– Have a party that suits you and your H2B not what wedding magazines, friends, family or even co-workers tell you that you should be having. The reason I loved ours so much was that it was perfect for us, just a few drinks in our local with our loved ones.

– Don’t be afraid to ask for help – this is the first thing your bridesmaids will get a taster of and they will be more than willing to dig in and help with the organising.

– Get used to being in every picture taken on the night call it good practice for the wedding day.

– Enjoy every minute of it!

Until the next time my fellow bride-to-bes



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