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Karen’s First Step In Her Wedding Journey

Our readers have always loved our real bride and groom diaries. Whatever about the advice and inspiration we give you, there’s nothing like hearing from a real person going through the ups and downs of planning a wedding right here and now.

Engagement Story

So let us introduce you to our newest blogging bride Karen. She’s due to get married in just over a year, and she wants to share her journey with us.

Hi there fellow misses  and welcome to my first blog about our journey as my hubby-to-be and I tick of all the to-dos before exchanging our I-dos!

For those of you who don’t know me I am the blushing blogger, aka Karen, and I am due to marry the love of my life, the rather mad but very wonderful Mr P in November 2013.

To fill you in on all the details we have been together for about 3 ½ years and we live together in Meath with our adorable but very hard work’ puppy, Frodo. Not to state the clichéd “he had me at hello”, but I remember telling close friends after I met Mr P there was something about him. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but whatever it was it had me agreeing to a date and over pizza and wine I got to know the man I fell so in love with. We moved in together only eight months later but hey, when you know you know! Luckily, as spontaneous a move as it was, it was the right one and we bought a home together In January of this year.

The proposal came as no surprise to anyone, except me. I knew where we were headed; I just thought it was a little while off as we both focused on making our new house a home. I was never so glad to be so off the mark with something as I was about this as surprising me was something Mr P really wanted to do.

It happened to be a very rare sunny Saturday morning and since it had been such a miserable and wet summer Mr P suggested we make the most of the good weather and head off out for a picnic.

At the lake, as I set up the blanket, Mr P appeared with Frodo on a lead looking a bit disconcerted. Apparently Frodo’s name tag had come loose and he asked me to take a look at it. I was starving so I took a quick glance and said that it looked fine before promptly returning to the allure of my chicken and stuffing sandwich. My P was insisting the tag was on the verge of falling from the collar so I reluctantly squatted down to have another look. That is when I saw it glistening in the summer sun. I turned round to see Mr P down on one knee and immediately burst into happy tears before he even managed to get the words out.

Engagement Ring from John Brereton JewellersThe ring comes from John Brereton Jewellers and is everything I could have ever imagined that I would pick myself and it fitted perfectly. Unknown to me he had been secretly taking mental notes for about a year or so, styles I liked, what rings fitted me, etc.

Apparently he spent most of June visiting jewellery shops trying to find what he had in mind which had me very impressed.

After popping the champagne we both called our parents and close friends and for the next two days the phone rang off the hook with well wishes and congratulations.

Since a good few weeks have passed we managed to settle on a date and now the work begins!

As both Mr P and I are not really conventional when it comes to weddings, we are not looking to have something that belongs in the centre pages of a magazine shoot; we want to try, where possible, to have our stamp on all that is involved in our day without breaking the bank. I am looking forward to blogging about our stories and tales over the next 15 months or so and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them…

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