12 Awesome Little Extras your Wedding Guests will LOVE

There are some great ideas out there for making your wedding really unique and special, and for creating lots of fun and memorable moments for both yourselves and your guests! We’re loving seeing all the varied food stations, canapés and evening treats going down around the wedding world at the moment – and trust us, when it comes to guests’ enjoyment of the wedding the food is usually top of the list! There are also some great ways to display drinks and beers for your cocktail hour or after-ceremony outdoor drinks reception too, and we’re sure these whimsical presentations will get guests chatting and melting into the mood of the day. Some other aspects we’ve been loving over the last few months are lawn games like ring toss, limbo and giant boardgames, which are a great way for guests to have fun while you run off to get some gorgeous photos taken! Check out some of our most favourite ‘little extras’ that we think your guests will love below!

1. Beers in a ‘Barrow!

Photo by Dominique Bader

2. A Delicious-Looking Food Station


Photos: Abi Q Photography & Onelove Photography

3. Striking a Pose in a Well Propped Photobooth

Photo by Rima Brindamour

4. Getting Involved with an Instagram Hashtag (#GetInvolved)


Photos: Faithfully Focused Photography & Jay & Jess

5. Popping these Insanely Fun-looking Confetti Pops

Confetti Pops from Etsy

6. Chucking on a Coaster & Going for a Boogie

Coaster from Evermine

7. Cooling down with Ceremony Fans at a Summer Soirée


Photos: Sacha Blackburne & Mandy Busby

8. An ‘In Case of Emergency’ Bathroom Basket

Photo via craftywedding

9. Non-Naff Food Pairings (Craft Beer and Sliders? Yes Please!)

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

10. Winning some Whopper Lawn Games

Photo by Dasha Caffrey 

11. Nibbling Some Comfort-Food Canapés

Photo via Inspired by Charm

12. ‘Signing’ the Guest Book with a Smile (Poloroid Party!)

Photo by Studio Something