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Make Your Wedding Planning Easy With These Tips!

Over the years we’ve come to realise that wedding planning couples generally fall into one of two camps; the ‘oh this planning is simple!’ camp, or the ‘what a nightmare planning a wedding is’ camp. Any idea which you are, or which you’d rather be?! 

Of course we’d love it if every couple thought it was easy, and enjoyable (also, very important!) so today we’re sharing seven clever tips and ideas to help make your wedding planning a walk in the park! 

1. Keep perspective – Sure it’s most likely the biggest day of your life so far and of course you’ll want it to be The Best Day Ever, but and it’s a controversial but we know, it is only one day. The main aim is to bag yourself a life partner so as long as that happens, the rest of the day is a huge bonus. 

2. Allow yourself to be inspired but don’t be lead to believe you must have everything. You know the saying ‘stay in your own lane’ well that counts when you’re planning a wedding too. Go with you, be you, don’t try to plan a day that doesn’t suit you both as a couple. The best wedding days are the authentic and personal ones. 

3. Create a wedding planning timeline. Simply because everything is easier when it’s in front of you on a list! We love a good list making session! 

4. Have a specific wedding planning admin and doing day and stick to it. It might be a Wednesday evening, or maybe a Saturday morning over a lovely brunch, whenever you decide, choose it and stick to it. Don’t let wedding chat creep into all your conversations, we guarantee you and your other half will both get wedding weary if that’s all you chat about. 

5. Don’t second guess your decisions, once you’ve made one, accept it and move on. This counts for your wedding dress too, we’ve heard too many stories of brides wasting their hard earned cash but not stopping after they find ‘the one’ and then well, you know where this is going. If you’ve thought about each decision long and wisely enough, chatted it over with your partner and you’ll still happy with it, go for it and tick it off that list. 

6. Hire the right people. Choosing the right suppliers, those whose work you love and those that you gel with will make the whole experience so much easier, and far less stressful. Head to our Suppliers Directory for a head start. 

7. Ask for help! Friends and family will be willing to help you but only take up on the offers of those who you can be really sure will do what you have asked of them – you really don’t want to feel like their boss if you have to chase them up! 


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