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Review: Semi-permanent Mink Eyelash Extensions at NuEssence


Last week we suggested using the Christmas period to test-run those long wearing bridal beauty treatments you’ve been thinking about, starting with your three week manicure. Well, this week we’re bringing the focus up to the peepers by trying out those Mink eyelash extensions from NuEssence that everybody’s talking about.  How did they look? How long did they last? Did my eyelashes fall out afterwards? Find out after the jump!

I’ve always been jealous of girls who can put on false eyelashes. I mean, it seems like a fairly simple task (apply glue, allow to dry slightly and press onto eyelid), but somehow I’ve never gotten the hang of it.

False eyelashes have become as common as lipstick in the average woman’s makeup bag, with some applying them religiously every Saturday night, or even going that one step further and applying them daily. The reason for this? False eyelashes make your eyes look amazing, in real life and in photographs; two things that you’re definitely going to be thinking about for your wedding day. However, you’re going to want something a little more high end than your average pair of falsies from Penneys to ensure that they stay put throughout the day. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t end up half stuck to your pillow the next morning, but stayed put right through your honeymoon as well?

Having heard so much about them lately, I popped in to NuEssence on South Anne Street, Dublin to try out their semi-permanent Mink eyelash extensions, which are designed to last between four and six weeks.



When I arrived, my beauty therapist explained that the treatment would take about 90 minutes, as an individual mink eyelash extension would be glued onto each of my own eyelashes, using a specially formulated glue. She also advised me that as I would be lying down under a warm blanket with my eyes closed for the duration, it was completely normal for clients to actually fall asleep.  (Nice opportunity for a power nap here if you’re getting ready for a big night out!) After all that was explained, a pad was placed under each of eyes to protect my lower lashes and it was time for me to lie back and relax.



The application process itself was very gentle and even though my eyes have reacted to eyelash glues in the past, I was perfectly fine on this occasion. When the treatment was finished, I couldn’t believe how light they felt. I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on my lashes at all. I didn’t even get that weighted feeling that usually comes with false eyelashes and although I had gone for a dramatic look, I felt the results were very natural looking – exactly what a bride would want. To avoid the lashes coming off prematurely I did two things. First, I replaced my usual eye makeup remover with an oil free one, to avoid the glue breaking down and secondly, I learned to get out of the habit of vigorously rubbing my eyes while washing my face.

The verdict? The most noticeable advantage to the having the mink extensions on was that I didn’t need to use mascara at all over the next few weeks. In fact, I wore very little eye makeup during the day as I felt quite ‘done up’ as it was, and just added a slick of eyeliner or a light dusting of shadow if I was going out at night – ideal for a honeymoon in the sun, when heavy makeup is simply impractical.

I noticed the lashes beginning to fall out at about the four week mark, and I’ll be honest, I did worry that they would take my own lashes with them. However, this was not the case at all, as the lashes just fell out with the natural cycle of my own the whole and it wasn’t until the six week mark that I began to notice my own lashes again. I can see how they might get a bit addictive though. I know my eyelashes look the same as they always did, but I feel naked without them now. I’ll definitely be going back for more.

A full set of luxury Mink eyelash extensions costs €120 at NuEssence. For more information visit For more before and after images, visit the NuEssence Facebook page.

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