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Mrs2Be Bridal Beauty Survey 2014 Results

There’s a reason we love reading about celebrities’ desert island beauty products – curiosity. Does Cara Delevingne use Benefit’s Brow Zing? What exactly does Jennifer Aniston rub into her face that has caused it freeze in time?  How many products does Gwyneth Paltrow use to create that no-makeup look?

But what’s better than finding out how celebs look after themselves? Finding out how real people look after themselves, of course. And because we couldn’t head straight to your houses and have a root around your makeup boxes (there’s laws against that kinda thing apparently), we decided to ask you a few questions about your pre-wedding beauty habits in the Mrs2Be Bridal Beauty Survey 2014. We think you’re going to be pretty surprised by some of the results!

Oh, and congrats to Julia Whittredge who completed our survey and won a free personalised makeup lesson from Emma Farrell Makeup.

And the results are in …


  • 76% of respondents would describe their skin tone as fair or very fair, with 60.2% of brides having difficulty finding a foundation that matches their skin tone. Seriously Mac, where’s that NW10 we were promised?!
  • Almost half (47%) of brides changed their skincare regime in the run-up to their wedding, investing in facials and higher quality skincare products.
  • 59% of brides wear makeup every single day.
  • 58% of brides will have fake tan applied professionally for their wedding.
  • Thankfully, nobody said that they use sun beds regularly. 17% admitting to using them, but only on special occasions.
  • Almost 1 in 3 brides suffer from some sort of skin problems, with dry skin and breakouts being the most common complaint. See, it’s not just you!


Image via

Image via


  • 4 out of every 5 brides are trying to lose weight for their wedding day, with 62% using a sensible combination of diet and exercise to achieve their goal.


The finer details:

  • 76% of brides will have their hair coloured in the weeks before their wedding. (No greys here!)
  • 65% will invest in waxing.
  • 6 out of every 10 brides will incorporate a hairpiece into their wedding hairstyle, while 36% will wear a traditional veil.
  • 85% will have hair and makeup professionals travel to them on the morning of their wedding, with the rest heading off to a salon to be prepped and pampered.
  • 95% will have both their hair and makeup done professionally on their wedding day. (Good call, we say. For the record, we still don’t believe Kate Middleton did her own wedding makeup .. )


And finally, a huge 97% of brides will have their nails manicured professionally for their wedding day. Well, we’ll all want to see the ring!

Surprised by these stats? Let us know with a comment!

For further information on Emma Farrell Makeup, please visit her Mrs2Be profile here.

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