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Practical Style Advice for the Mother of the Bride

We all know when your daughter is getting married it’s a given that you’ll be wanting to look and feel your best. With the desire to find the perfect outfit it’s completely normal to feel a little daunted and under pressure so today we have got our best styling hat on as we share practical style advice for all those rabbit-caught-in-headlights Mother of the Brides! 

Practical Style Advice for the Mother of the Bride

Chat to your daughter before you go shopping. 

It’s practically a given that your daughter will go along with you and help you find the perfect outfit but before you head out ask her a few questions about the day. Is the day formal or informal? What colour are the bridesmaids wearing? Is there an overall theme to the day? All these questions will help you choose a complementary colour palette for you to work from. 

Share your findings with the Mother of the Groom – but check with your daughter first!

The Mother of the Groom will be having the same thoughts as you so it is good to keep her in the loop sharing a palette of colours to choose from (just make sure you check with your daughter incase she wants to keep the exact colours a surprise!). You want both your outfits to work together and of course you need to make sure you don’t choose the same one! 

Consider shopping on the high street carefully. 

Whilst the high street is a great place to shop bear in mind that it is completely accessible to all the wedding guests and you don’t want a ‘same dress as me’ scenario happening! Instead head to your favourite local boutiques for a really positive customer service experience and no chance of someone choosing the same outfit as you! Most boutiques keep record of what you purchase and wedding date to ensure this nightmare doesn’t happen. 

Practical Style Advice for the Mother of the Bride

Go bespoke! 

Maybe you have a clear idea of what you want but just can’t find it? Now is your chance to have a completely custom made outfit created by a dressmaker. Why not, it’s a pretty special occasion! 

Be wary of prints. 

Try to steer clear of very busy, over-fussy prints as they not only date quickly but may be too much for the overall look of the day. It’s always better to air on the side of classic, elegant and timeless and if you prefer, with a modern touch. 

Practical Style Advice for the Mother of the Bride

When to go shopping. 

Consider the season you are shopping for and this will generally dictate the best time to go looking. Be ready for the new season lines arriving in stores so that you have the largest range to choose from. 

Stick to your own personal style. 

If you are a lover of colour why change that up and go all neutral on the Big Day? Try to stick to a style you feel comfortable in because a comfy mum equals a happy mum and your confidence will shine through on the day! 

Enjoy the process! 

Having recently helped my own mum find the perfect outfit for my brothers wedding I know it can get a little stressful when you just can’t find ‘the one.’ Try to enjoy the process and remember no matter what you end up wearing the day will be incredible and you’ll be one very proud mum! 

(Image credits: Featured image: John Charles | Image 1: Rob Greer Photography | Image 2: Delmore Creative Photography | Image 3: via Suzanne Neville)

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