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Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be a very emotional day, charged with feelings of love, excitement and maybe even a touch of sadness. A sorrow that one of your feared loved ones can’t be with you to share your special day. If you’re missing a parent, grandparent, or any close family member or friend why not honour them at your wedding day and remember them with a smile, they’d be there if they could. 

To help you acknowledge these special people here’s a list of 10 beautiful ideas to remember them on your wedding day: 


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1. Carry a photograph of them on your bouquet, inside your gown or inside your suit jacket. 

2. Wear a precious item of theirs such as their wedding ring, watch or necklace. 

3. Grooms can wear their favourite tie or cufflinks. 

4. Include their favourite flower in your wedding bouquet and buttonhole. 

5. Keep them a seat at your ceremony, place a posy of their favourite blooms on it. 

6. Include a memorable or favourite song in your ceremony. 

7. Light a candle during the service to remember all those special people who can’t be there. 

8. Create a memory table at your reception with photos of them and light a candle. 

9. Remember them during the speeches, and make a toast to them. 

10. Have a dance to their favourite song. 

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