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Rockin’ the pre-marriage course, more paperwork and bridesmaids’ dresses

Hello fellow missies. Hope all of your plans are coming along nicely since my last posting. I am on a serious countdown now – only 15 weeks and I will be officially married (too late to turn back!) 🙂

dark and twistiesWe completed our pre-marriage course last week – the PREP course with All Hallows in Drumcondra. It was a full day Saturday from 09.30 – 5.00 but to be honest it was not half as bad as I was expecting. I have heard a few stories of group role play etc, but thankfully all discussions were amongst ourselves as a couple – no divulging our “dark and twisties” to the whole room (Grey’s Anatomy fans will get me on this one).

The course was given by a married couple, with a Priest coming in for the last hour to run through the requirements for the Church etc.

They covered weddings in Ireland and abroad too so that provided a bit more relief that we are ticking all of the right boxes on the legal side.  The Priest was very down to earth and had a good understanding of his audience (mainly rare mass-goers). He didn’t try to pretend he understood the ins and outs of relationships so I appreciated that considering his celibacy and all!

By 4 o’clock our eyeballs were glued to the door (a flashback to school days) – we had our fill of questionnaires on how we resolve arguments, budgeting, children etc.  The course might open eyes for a couple who have just met, but for those of us co-habiting a few years there were no major revelations (thankfully). The best part was some funny video clips showing American couples with dodgy mullets arguing! 🙂

At least that is one more item checked off the to-do list.

We are meeting our local priest this week too for our pre-nuptial enquiry. How do I convince him he has seen us sitting in the front pew every day for the last 5 years!? I will be glad when I get to the end of the paperwork.

On a more exciting note, my Bridesmaids have started to organise my hen night. Because we are going away for our wedding I think it is only fair we stay home for the hen – so Dublin city watch out, Slightly Bonkers is about!  They are planning on starting early afternoon – all I have heard mention of is cocktails, they are sparing me the gory details for now. As long as there is no spandex or leotards involved everything will be fine….

As well as that this week is crunch time for the Bridesmaid dresses – myself and the ladies are planning a blitz of town this weekend.  With our Church and reception venue beside the sea I am hoping to go for blues or greens – fingers crossed for a successful day shopping.

Plan on and stay stress free missies…. 🙂

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