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Saying Thank You (Easily!)

wedding thank you cards

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One of the tasks you have to complete before you skip off into your marital bubble are thank you cards. If you struggled to know what to write in your wedding invites or order of service, hopefully with our help saying thank you will be easy! From when to send, who to send them to and what to say, today we’ve come up with X tips to help you overcome any writers block you might be feeling. 


Word on the wedding boulevard is that you have a year to send your thank you cards – we think, yes that is probably true but perfect manners will make sure you get them out quicker than this. We would aim for three to six months after the Big Day. Long enough for your guests to be delighted and not too long so they won’t have forgotten what gift they gave you! If you had a particularly large wedding you might way to work through the cards weekly. Set yourself a number to write each week but don’t post or deliver until all are complete – you don’t want Uncle Pat receiving his before Uncle Roy! 


Absolutely everyone who attended your wedding should receive a card, whether they gave you a gift or not. Don’t forget to also include those people who kindly gave you a gift but didn’t attend your wedding, it’s Ireland we all have generous neighbours and friends of friends who send gifts to everyone they know, even a little bit! 

You should thank each of your suppliers too (we’ve more detailed info on tying up loose ends here), as well as all your attendants, those who helped out with your Big Day, and lastly your parents. 

What to say? 

The golden rule is to be personal. If you received a gift refer to it, for example if you received a coffee machine say ‘you know how much we adore coffee and your kind gift of a new machine will make our morning brew tastier!’ 

If the recipient didn’t give you a gift thank them for taking the time to attend your wedding and comment how lovely it was to catch up with them. 

If you were gifted money mention how useful it will be and if you’re saving for something say how it will be a great help to the reach your goal, such as a belated honeymoon, new home decor etc. Don’t mention how much cash they gave you though! 

What style of card? 

This is the really fun part, dreaming up the perfect thank you card to sign off on your wedding. From handmade options to easy high street options, and of course bespoke designs create with your wedding photos, the choice is endless. 

Irish couples are very lucky to have a wealth of amazing wedding stationers at their fingertips, see our recommended suppliers here, and below is four cute ideas from the high street. 


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