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A Date To Remember… Miss Sunshine!

Our blogging bride to be Miss Sunshine is back – this time filling us in on how she and her h2b set the date for their wedding.

Save The Date Miss Sunshine

Hi again guys, I’m back with the next part of our story… setting the date!

The first question on everyone’s lips after us announcing our engagement was “when’s the wedding?”. We were getting asked this before Mr. Sunshine and I had even decided on a date ourselves! I dont know about the rest of you blushing brides-to-be but we definately felt a pressure to set a date for our big day. It seems like a bit of a snowball effect, once the ring is on they want a date straight away!

However, once (what seemed like) the fiftieth person asked for our date I started to feel like I wanted to be able to give a date and make it more real. After a bit of thought – including our families in the decision – we settled on June 2014, which would give us just over two years to plan, save and get organised.  Although it seemed like an eternity away (and still kind of does!), it felt great to be able to ring around our friends to tell them we had in fact set a date!


With the date set, it was time for some serious celebrations …… Check in to the next post to read about our engagement party 🙂


Love and Smiles,

Miss Sunshine xx

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