Trash The Dress

Make sure you get every last bit of joy out of your once-in-a-lifetime gown.

When you first hear the phrase trash the dress’ chances are your mind will fill with scary images of wedding gowns getting torn, stained and generally defiled not exactly the kind of thing a bride wants to think about when her dream gown is hanging pristine in a wardrobe ahead of the big day.

Wedding dresses are expensive things the average bride spends around €1,500 on hers and so it’s understandable that brides tend to be a bit precious about their wedding gowns.  On the big day, you’ll spend lots of time being extra careful not to damage your dress in any way; you’ll have bridesmaids holding your hem up, photographers rearranging your skirts about 100 times a day and probably even somebody to come to the loo with you and hold it out of harm’s way!  But although it makes for flawless wedding photos, all that faffing and fussing means that actually, many brides don’t get to relax and just enjoy their beautiful dress it almost ends up wearing them, instead of the other way round!  So if you like the idea of really showing your dress off to its full potential, regardless of any snags and stains it might incur along the way, then the latest Trash the Dress’ photo craze might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Trash The Dress Joe McQuillan Photography

Trash the Dress (also sometimes known as Rock the Frock) is thought to have been started by Las Vegas photographer, John Michael Cooper, almost 10 years ago and these days more and more brides are jumping at the chance to wear their wedding dress for a photoshoot that differs wildly from their wedding photography.  For some, Trash the Dress is a symbolic act after all the fuss and hype of the big day it can be an act of rebellion against the image of the traditional bride, or perhaps even a way of saying a fond farewell to the dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl!  For others, it’s just a chance to feel like a fashion model for a few hours while wearing and truly enjoying one of the most significant pieces of clothing you will ever own.  It’s worth adding that you don’t actually have to trash your dress although some brides have no reservations about getting it ripped or covered top to toe in mud the important thing is that you forget about the dress and just have fun, and this is what comes across in the photos.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to trash your dress, the important thing is that it gives you a chance to completely let go of your inhibitions and make some memories of that gorgeous gown and how wonderful you felt when you wore it.

Trash The Dress Joe McQuillan Photography

Most modern wedding photographers will be familiar with the concept of Trash the Dress but if it’s something you’re really keen on it’s worth asking before you book just to make sure they can accommodate your wishes after the big day using the same photographer for everything is likely to be more cost-effective than booking a separate TTD shoot with a different photographer afterwards.


Here are some ideas for your Trash the Dress shoot:

  •  Head to the beach roll in the sand, paddle in the sea and eat ice-cream cones with as much strawberry syrup as you like!
  •  Go horseback riding think Wuthering Heights or a Jane Austen novel.
  •  Find a vintage style amusement arcade with hobby horses, a waltzer and traditional candyfloss on sticks for a colourful, action packed shoot.
  •  Visit a forest park for a TTD shoot with a magical, enchanted feel.
  •  See if you can find a field of sunflowers, oilseed rape or even ripe barley for a stunningly summery Trash the Dress.
  •  Find a derelict building or even a multi-storey car park to achieve a more urban, industrial feel but make sure the location is safe first!
  •  Don’t forget to include some non-bridal accessories such as welly boots, big fluffy parka jackets, colourful umbrellas, a picnic basket even your pet pooch can bring a fun, fashion element to your TTD shoot.  Have fun!
{images courtesy of JMC Photography}

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