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The Truth about Wedding Planners

Aislinn Events Wedding PlannerWedding Planner, Annie Bryne from Aislinn Events, dispels some myths about wedding planners…

Everyone has heard of us, some of you aren’t sure about us and some wouldn’t get married without us! We know you want control over your wedding; the creativity, design and style. You have great ideas and love all of the beautiful things available. You are organized and you know what you want.

A wedding planner can still help. A lot! A wedding planner won’t blow your budget; she will help you to stick to it. She knows how much things should cost and where your priorities are. She will know the reputation of vendors, haggle over prices and negotiate discounts so you can have what you want at the lowest price.

She won’t take over your wedding or bring in a whole crew to restyle your venue (unless you want her to!) because she is there to assist you, save you money, time and stress. She will do the running around and source items you want so you don’t have to spend hours doing it and wonder how find something here that you saw in America.

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She will help you plan; suggest things you may not even have thought of and keep you organized when there is so much to distract. She will keep you on a timeline or even act as a mediator when your future MIL wants something that is so not you’.

She knows weddings and is well versed on etiquette. How the day should run, how long things should take, who should sit where and how to word your invitations.

Most of all she will be there for you physically. Be there to organize and run your rehearsal and be there on your wedding day so you can enjoy your fiancé, family and friends. You don’t have to worry about who walks in with whom and when, if the cake has arrived and if it is set up correctly. If your favors and photo booth are in place, napkins folded correctly or bows tied neatly. She will make sure the guys are on time and not getting into mischief, that your musician knows what processional and recessional tunes to play and everything else needed on the day.

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It sounds like a lot to do and it is. You can do it all yourself or you can hire a wedding planner. You can do some of it yourself and hire a wedding planner because most planners will work with you to put together a planning/coordination package for just what you need and want her to do. If you want to organize everything and then (happily) hand it over to your planner on your wedding day, she will coordinate and look after everything so you can enjoy the day. She can do as much as you need or as little as you want.

A wedding planner can still help. A lot!

About Aislinn Events:

Run by Annie Byrne, an experienced American Wedding and Event Planner and Coordinator, Aislinn Events brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to planning your event whatever the budget. Aislinn Events provides full wedding planning, month of coordination and wedding and event consulting.

Aislinn Events

Contact: Annie Byrne
Phone: 076 6026800
Mobile: 087 6761900

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