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My Wedding in Italy – less than 4 weeks to go!

Sorrento, ItalyGreetings fellow missies or should I say Buon Giorno! I’ve been blogging less and less as the big day approaches, this day four weeks (Saturday) I will be a married woman.

I am writing this blog from the beautiful hills of Sorrento, on the last reccie trip to make sure everything is in place for our celebrations. As you can imagine with the Icelandic volcano I have been lucky to dodge the ash and make it here at all. The scenery in Sorrento is so beautiful we are overlooking the Bay of Naples and we can see Mount Vesuvius in the distance, just keeping our fingers crossed its one volcano that is not planning on waking up anytime soon, otherwise we would have to elope to Vegas! 😉

Everything is almost in place for our wedding, firstly this weekend we had the opportnity to meet with the priest again in Positano to firm up the cermony. What a beautiful setting, also known as ‘The jewel of the Amalfi Coast’, the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking. I learned today that Flavio Gioia, the inventor of the compass, was from Positano! After the cermony it is traditional to walk the pretty cobble stone streets in celebration. The Priest has been most welcoming and the cermony is very similar to that at home. All that is left to do is mass booklet making fun at home, I will round up the bridesmaids to do some folding and stapling! 😉

Our local wedding planners in Sorrento have been brilliant in helping us getting everything organised. We are using Sorrento Wedding in Style, two lovely ladies Emilia and Raeffaella, they have been most pleasant and helpful to deal with and have made me feel that no part of our planning has been to much (and trust me being an event manager I have tendancies towards being fussy!). We saw so many different venue options they have great knowledge of the area. I will have to encourage them to sign up as a supplier on!

Our reception venue should look very tasteful when all set up. We got to see it prepared for a wedding today. Included in the menu we have welcome cocktails and a starter buffet with lots of nibbles including some Italian specials. That should keep the guests happy till dinner time. We have chair covers, table flower arrangements, outdoor flowers and our wedding cake all included in the price so it is a good deal all round. I want the day to be here already! Maybe I will load some photos afterwards 🙂

That is about all I can manage for now, there is a glass of prosecco on the balcony calling me ….Arriveferci!

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