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Guide To Wedding Invitations

Whether you choose a stationery supplier, or go down the DIY route, follow this simple advice from Gorgeous Cards. 

Wedding Invitations are generally the first glimpse most guests get of the wedding, so you want your invitations to set the tone correctly. Do you want to go for a classy invitation or something contemporary and stylish? In today’s environment, more and more brides may look into making their own invitations, but make sure you have the time, energy and patience to take on this task.  Remember, wedding stationery suppliers not only provide invitations, mass booklets, place cards and thank you cards, but they also take away a lot of the stress of this time consuming task. So if you go down the DIY route, make sure you’re up for the challenge.


General Stationery Advice

The amount of stationery you need of course depends on how many people you are inviting. Remember though, not every person needs an invitation there will probably be a lot of couples and family invitations. It’s a common mistake brides make when they contact me 200 people will usually equate to about 115 invitations, so to allow for errors I would suggest an order of 120 invitations.

Day invitations aside, there are a number of additional stationery options and it depends on the individual as to which items they choose.

Evening Invitations

Some people have extra guests that are invited to the afters only invitations are usually similar to the main day invitation but clearly state evening invitation to avoid confusion. Often they are simpler in design or smaller in size than the main invitation.

Save the Date cards

These have only started to emerge in the last few years, given the popularity of foreign weddings they will probably remain a fixture in the wedding stationery catalogue. Essentially it simply provides details of the couple’s names and planned wedding date, other details are optional. It is sent out up to 2 years in advance and is simply to inform guests that the wedding will take place abroad or at a popular time of year (i.e. Christmas/New Year) so that they can make travel plans, organise holiday time and more importantly start saving!

Mass Booklets / Service Sheets

Most wedding stationery suppliers offer the option of supplying the mass booklet fully finished and covered or in a cover only format, ideal if you have access to a printer/copier. (A little aside – if you are paying for your mass booklet to be completed, check the quality of the paper and finish).  An Order of Service sheet is an alternative to the traditional Mass Booklet, it simply outlines the stages of the ceremony so that the congregation can follow the service but does not detail the prayers or readings etc.

Place Cards, Menus, Seating Plan

All available to co-ordinate with your stationery.

Thank You Cards

I wouldn’t actually order these until after the wedding but do ask for a discount when you book your main stationery order you can give your stationery supplier an approximate number and confirm later. Ask them if you can include photos in the design, it’s a nice way to personalise your cards.


Wording your Invitation

The wording of your invitation is obviously important but today family relationships are much more complicated than in the past, and this may be causing you some anxiety. Don’t worry. If you have chosen a good supplier they should be able to advise you. It may well be your first wedding but they have seen it all and can help you work out appropriate wording for any situation.

Most wedding invitations include the names of the hosts, which may be your parents, yourselves or both, your own names, and the date, time and location, and reception. You should also add RSVP cards and details. These days the trend is the bride and groom choose more creative and personal wording than the traditional formal wording of the past. These include invitations that are sent out as if from the children of the bride and groom, which dispels all formality and makes the focus of the marriage on the family unit rather than just the couple.

With any wedding stationery you are limited generally by budget and availability. One rule – whether you use printed, handcrafted or DIY stationery options, is that less is more.  I’d choose understated rather than over embellished any day of the week. Handcrafted stationery need not be exceedingly expensive. I really don’t think that it is necessary to pay extravagant prices or compromise on quality to get the stationery you want.

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