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13 Reasons why Wedding Season Actually ROCKS

We’re currently in the throes of wedding season here in Ireland and with it we’re experiencing varying degrees of panic and stress from all directions. It may be true that since receiving some stunning stationery that left us wondering if we’ll have to beg the bank manager for a loan (“Oh gosh… it’s Letterpress… better dig deep for this one guys!”) we’ve been worried about how we’re going to get through the summer unscathed, but the thing is, it’s not all money this and nothing to wear that. Really! Wedding season is a time for friends, family, reminiscing, looking forward and celebrating people full of hope and love. Not convinced? There’s also plenty more to look forward to during the summer season of love…

1. Getting to Dress Up to the Nines for the Day


If you’re anything like us, you’ve three outfits that you flit between for most of the year, and two of them are a smart top and skinny jeans. Sure, finding a dress to wear to your mate’s most stylish of days can be a bit of a nightmare (and don’t get us started about worrying if you’ll be the only one in it) but once you do and you’ve topped it off with some sexy shoes, a lick of warpaint and feck it, throw on a mad sparkly headpiece while you’re at it too (sure if you can’t wear it today) there’s no doubt that you feel super hot as you head out into the day. Embrace it, it’s not every day your heels match your purse (among other things).

2. Meeting Old Mates (While Looking like a Slammin’ Hottie)


In spite of, or because of, the fact that we’re all able to contact each other 24/7, it seems meet-ups with mates get more and more difficult as the years go by. And even when you do manage a catch up at a birthday or event, there’s always one or two missing, or someone skipping off just as you’re getting into the chats – but not at the wedding! A friend’s wedding is a guarantee of seeing all the lads in the one place for at least six hours. And if the idea of bumping into an ex or frenemy is the thing giving you palpitations, see #1 again and think of how much worse it’d be bumping into them after bikram. Shudder.

3. Not being the Centre of Attention

Chatting with your wedding guests

Best thing about being a wedding guest? It’s not your wedding! You’ve absolutely no pressure on you and nothing to do except enjoy yourself. Surely that’s something we can all get on board with?

4. Being Completely Happy for the People you Love being in Love


Whether you’re single or suited, feeling a bit vulnerable or have been wondering when it’ll be your turn, since you clapped eyes on your friend’s sparkling diamond, the wedding day is a time to leave it all at the door and be completely happy for two people full of hope and love. And as soon as you see them it’ll be pretty much the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

5. Turning off for the day


Goodbye social media, hello unplugged wedding. Even if it’s not technically a leave your phone at the door day, take the chance to completely unplug yourself from everything and concentrate on really being in the moment. There’s no need to post on social media (and indeed check with the couple in advance if you plan to anyway) and work can survive with an out-of-office (yes, even for you). Remember there’ll more than likely be a professional there to get photos of the day too, so for heaven’s sake don’t be one of those crazy iPad-wielding guests that the bride has to negotiate around as she makes her way up the aisle. Ugh.

6. Getting to Throw Confetti


Just try not to smile as you do a Goonies-style joyfully-shredded-paper-toss-cheer while your mates walk down the aisle. Just try.

7. The Food! (and drink!)


Wedding food is super in Ireland at the moment… Ice-creme cones, signature cocktails (yes please!) and chip butties during the day, canapes, fine dining and frequently topped up wine (careful now!) in the evening, and if you’re lucky, a slice of pizza or a crisp sambo with a side of sausies in the evening. Getting food handed to you for the day is a happy day in any man’s language, and you can pretty much make a pig of yourself and call it all soakage*. Also, when else can you drink Champagne at 2 o’clock without having really earned it?! Never! That’s when!

8. The Speeches


Online anecdotes will have you believe that the speeches can be a bit of a lull at weddings – that you’ll struggle to stay awake as the Best Man stumbles between offensive comments and unfunny one-liners or that you’ll lose your mind (and your money) as you watch the clock tick by while the Father of the Bride recounts how he first met the new hubby (only to actually be mistaking him for a different fella). We think wedding speeches are an absolute highlight of the day however – they’re intimate and hilarious if you’re close to the bride and/or groom, or are a great way to get to know the couple if you’re not that tight. It’s a win/win!

9. The Dancing!


There’s no judgement on the wedding dancefloor, you could be swinging a tie from your forehead, making an absolute show of yourself to The Sultans of Ping and everybody will think you’re just the best craic. Brilliant!

10. The Day After Banter


Woken up with a wee case of The Fear? Dust it off and get downstairs, everyone’s already teaming up for a game of Cranium.

11. The photos!


Lord knows we all have some dodgy snaps popping up on our feeds every now and again but there’s something about wedding photos that just makes them so beautiful! Grab your friends for a few selfies, get all the lads in on a group pic, have a laugh in the photobooth and wander at how you never noticed the photographer clicking away as you scream-whispered ‘I LOVE YOUR DRESS’ across the room during the speeches.

12. The Keepsakes


I don’t know about you but I’ve found myself picking up burst balloons, confetti pieces and bar menus from weddings I’ve been at in a blinding moment of pre-nostalgia (no takers?). But even if you don’t feel like picking up what is essentially rubbish and putting it in your memory box as soon as you get home, there will be plenty of gorgeous little keepsakes like favours, name cards or photobooth pics you can pocket to remind you of the day. And if you’re lucky you might even be one of the peeps who gets to keep a floral centrepiece. Result!

13. The memories


Treasure them forever. Awh.

* Remember to keep it session people, especially at a wedding, and always drink sensibly

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