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The Final Week – BluefishJD’s Wedding Planning Diary

DIY Daffodil Wedding Bouquet

Can you believe it? After months of following our blogging groom BluefishJD’s wedding planning diary, the final week is upon us. With just days to go before the big day, what does BluefishJD have in store for us?

I will be honest and say that I now fully understand the term emotional rollercoaster’. The overall feeling is sheer excitement, but then a little panic sets in – have we this done, that done, we have so much to do with so little time – but then calm returns and logic prevails and I realise we are really organised and feel everything is in place so we just have to relax and enjoy the final days and what will be will be!

Final Fittings

This week saw Bluefish Belle attend yet another final fitting. The dress itself fits perfectly and has done since we got it and we really thought the last fitting was the last one but the dress maker is quite particular and wanted further tweaks which I suppose is good to have found someone who takes so much pride in his work and wants the dress to be just right… Even though it was only alterations’ he was doing but fair play it looks fantastic and all will be ready for pick up 2 days before the wedding.

Family and Friends

With my belle originating from Poland we have a number of her family & guests flying over for the big day so along with myself and three others cars we have a Dublin Airport run I keep imagining scenes the likes of Home Alone or something… it will be the Pol-Irish On Tour, but so glad so many of them are making such a big effort to come over. I then have another airport run to pick up friends flying in from the UK, but that is only up to Knock Airport so not as big a trek!

At this stage, everything that needs to be done (fingers crossed!) is done with things that can really only be done during this last week to do and we shall tackle them as they come up… as in collect suits, collect dress, finalise and setup candy bar (DIY), church/reception flowers (DIY), drop everything to hotel etc etc… Thankfully we have a good group of family and friends around us who are being extremely helpful and you have to delegate – it’s the only way to keep sane!

Sound Check

The soloists had a full musical rehearsal in the church with our organists this week and although there is still a little bit of nerves, which to be fair is only to be expected as even though they are competent singers neither have sang in a cathedral before, they both sound fantastic and I know they will add something really special to our wedding with the spine tingling sound of the organ bouncing around the vaulted ceiling of the cathedral.

I also have touched base with our suppliers needed on the day to confirm everything is all set and ready to go which include the DJ, photographer, venue, car and reception decoration, and thankfully all is ok and ready to go so they can now all be considered as DONE.

The Speech

I also got a chance to put the finishing touches to my all important speech this week and going to give it a couple of reads before the day but will more than likely have it on front of me at the table as well just in case!

It is funny and scary but we are really relaxed and stress free, we spent Sunday shopping and wandering around and we even had time to babysit my 1 yr old nephew on Monday night, but I think that is down to being super organised and that is what I kinda wanted – to have most if not everything sorting a good few days in advance as we have other non wedding things to do such as airport runs, ship the animals to the boarding kennels, pick daffodils and the likes but all is good and we have spoken to everyone again about their jobs and all seem good to go!

Final Farewell

To think, the next time I write here I am going to be a husband, a married man – how very exciting! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Claire and all at and especially all you Missies on the forums. I have found your wealth of knowledge, tips, & advice an invaluable resource and it really has helped both Belle and I to create the wedding of our dreams. Now all we have to do is get dressed up and enjoy our day. Again many thanks and be prepared for a report!


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