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Multiway Bridesmaids Dresses For all Shapes and Sizes

Presley Blue Boutique specialise in Bridesmaids Dresses with a private showroom in North Co Dublin where we operate by appointment. We began our journey nearly 3 years ago now. I got the name from my love of Elvis Presley and his Blue Suede shoes. We love all things pretty & timeless. The pieces we source are classic pieces that don’t date, it’s a timeless capsule.

Our particular area of expertise is identifying what suits your Bridal Party best. Presley Blue has a proven record of excellence when it comes to quality, vision & service. What’s trending for 2020/2021 for Bridesmaids? How do you pick a particular style for your Bridal Party? Where do you start? With so many different options available choice is torment!




Let start with colour. Pantone, the masters of colour, say Blue is the colour of 2020. This year I see they’re right! Most of my clients so far this year have gone for Royal Blue, Midnight Blue & Baby Blue. Sage Green, Forest Green, Emerald Green, Burgundy were extremely popular for 2019 and into 2020. Sage Green being the most popular Green but again so many different versions. Pinks are making a comeback, Dusty Rose has taken over the position Blush Pink has held for the last few years, and of course Magenta another fabulous colour but so hard to get right.



Then you have to decide what shape dress you like for the Bridal Party; slim fit, fishtail, Mikado, sleeves, no sleeves, the choice is endless. Before you can decide, the Bride must have her dress or at least decided stylewise! If the Bride has a slim fitting dress then most options for Bridesmaids dresses work. If the Bride’s Dress has a full skirt, mikado style then keep the bridesmaid dresses slimmer. You don’t want any dress to compete or overshadow your Dress. Am I right?

Pinterest, Instagram, Wedding Blogs all have these fabulous images we all aspire to but in reality what we would like to wear and what we can wear are completely different, sometimes. If you are the Perfect 10 then you can wear most anything, lucky girl. But in the world I live in we come in all different shapes and sizes; tall, small, big, not so big, boobs, no boobs, all boobs, love my shoulders, hate my shoulders with so many areas to cover or not cover what do you do?


Multiway dresses

So this is where we at Presley Blue can help.  From so many different styles to choose from the Multiway Dress is the dress that time and time again is proven to fit and suit every Body shape. With that in mind we have sourced the very best Multiway Dress Range for our customers. Our Multiway Dress Range is available to order in every size, no one size fits all here! With a selection of colours and variations of Multiway Dress available Presley Blue  is your go to boutique.


Classique Multiway Dress | View here

This Dress has a full Flare Skirt comes with a Free Bandeau (boob tube). The fabric is a 4 way stretch so if your bridesmaid puts on a few pounds there is room and if she loses weight you can tie the dress tighter. This dress comes in Summer length to the knee, cocktail length to the calf, Cascading length (High Low), Evening length (maxi). Prices start from €110 


Elegance Multiway Dress | View here

Our Elegance Collection is a whimsical take on our Classique range. Each dress is made with a sweetheart bodice which is attached to the skirt waistband for extra support. This allows you wear a good bra for added support. Structured with an empire waistline that flows out from under the bust line with delicate layers of soft, dreamy soft tulle underlined by our four way stretch fabric. 


Metallic Multiway Dress Range | View here

This stunning dress is made with a metallic coloured fabric that gives the Classique Infinity dress that added WOW! It is available in Champagne Pink, Silver and Gold metallic sheen fabric. Pure Drama! 


Vintage Lace Multiway Dress Range | View here

Our Vintage Lace Collection is perfect for the non-traditional brides who want to create that Vintage look with a Vintage Lace Bridal Party! Looking for a dress to give you more coverage then this collection is the perfect choice. The Lace top is made with a very soft lace fabric that is attached to the skirt and comes with a separate bandeau. 


There is a dress out there for everybody. You just need to look in the right place, Presley Blue Boutique is a good place to start.

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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