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My Dream Wedding, If I Won The Lottery!

Most of us dream of our weddings for our entire lives. We all have a dream gown and a destination in our minds of the perfect setting to swear our love and devotion to the person we love for eternity. As we grow up we soon discover that perfect destinations are costly and we must adjust our fantasies to fit our financial realities. Unless something magical happens. If we won the lottery we could have the wedding of our dreams!

Bali weddings are very popular. This is understandable when you consider the beauty of the area. The beauty of the ocean combined with the lush green plants and vibrant flowers makes Bali the perfect wedding destination.

There are at least 14 completely different wedding venues in Bali to choose from. You can get married on a cliff-top overlooking the ocean. There are plush forests and vibrant natural plant life. Choose from villas with 5 bedrooms for guests and private pools to suits with 3 or 4 bedrooms for entire wedding parties.



When you get married is as important as where you get married

Travelers to Bali do not worry about four seasons. They worry about the wet season and dry season. From May to September the weather is mostly dry. From October to April, the weather is wet. Actually, those months are monsoon months. If you are looking to get married on the beach and the rain comes, these venues will not have a backup plan.

You will find no regulation on weddings in Bali. This means when you select a wedding package you get that exact package. Unlike most wedding venues where you use the package as your starting point and adjust it to suit your tastes, you will not have the option of change.

For my lottery winning wedding choice, I would go for a villa. By using a villa my wedding and guests would have complete privacy. When the guests depart, the honeymoon continues in the perfect secluded location. Bali is accustomed to guests with money, so they know how to treat the wealthy. But, be sure you know how to behave correctly so your money remains your money.


The Society of Bali

If you are new to Bali, seek the advice of the Society of Bali. They will give you the names of legitimate business people to service your wedding. Do this well in advance. If you are planning on buying the wedding attire, food, music, and flowers in Bali to make the more authentic you will need prices and dates that these items are in high demand.

Working with a wedding planner

With the advice of the Society of Bali, you will be able to find a wedding planner to help you. June and August are busy months for weddings in Bali. Of course, your lotto winnings could put you at the top of the line, but if you are looking for a less populated month you might want to aim for late May. The wedding planners will know how to get you the best of everything while the weather is still holding and vendors are anxious to make money.

We all love to dream about our wedding day and we all wish money was no problem. But lottery winnings or not, there are smart ways to plan that will let you save big on dream weddings with a little help and a lot of planning. So plan for your big day, and play for the big bucks and either way, you are a winner.


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