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Nine Steps To Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

eco-friendly wedding

Whilst we’ve all got a little (or maybe a lot) more time on our hands at the minute have you considered revising your wedding day choices to make your day as eco-friendly as possible? 

Weddings are not hugely eco-friendly gatherings. By nature there is a lot of waste involved in these joyous occasions, such as food waste, single-use decor, flowers and even outfits. If your guests will be travelling from across the globe, there’s their carbon footprint to consider too. In recent times more and more couples are considering ways to host eco-friendly celebrations in order to make their day more sustainable. 

If you’d love to give back and treat our planet with respect here are nine steps you can take to make your wedding eco-friendlier. 

eco-friendly wedding

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Eco-Friendly Advice

1. Choose a local venue: Try to keep your travelling distance between ceremony and reception as short as possible whilst also supporting those companies in your local area. Many venues have their own vegetable and herb gardens which supports their dining options, meaning it’s extra tasty and very locally sourced. 

2. Reduce your guest count: You mightn’t want to be think of it this way – the bigger the numbers the more energy and waste your day will create. Consider keeping your day intimate and meaningful with the people who really, really count in attendance. 

3. Source homegrown flowers: Many florists are now sourcing their flowers and foliage from local growers which is amazing at cutting down on unessential travel and road miles. Speak to your florist who will be happy to help and guide you. 

eco-friendly wedding

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4. Choose your invitations wisely: We live in the era of emails and social media, they are the main correspondence for lots of us and can be for your wedding too. If you’d still prefer ‘real’ invites ask your stationer if they offer recycled or reusable paper options and toxin free inks. On the day itself, large screens displaying the order of service and clever signage for menus and place settings will cut down hugely on table stationery. 

5. Shop or don’t shop wisely for decorations: Reconsider all those little trinkets that you’re thinking about purchasing for the day, they not only quickly add up but are usually useless after the wedding. Go on a treasure hunt around your home or your parents attics and be amazed at the things you’ll find. Visit second hand stores looking for gems that will work both on the day and in your home afterwards. 

6. Gift favours with meaning: If you’re offering favours a simple iced cookie might be all it takes. We love the idea of making a donation to your favourite charity and supporting them, your guests will be very grateful for this. 

eco-friendly wedding

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7. Purchase sustainable wedding day outfits: You might be surprised to hear there are now lots of sustainable bridal designers out there including Rolling in Roses and Sanyukta Shreshta. Otherwise you could look into purchasing a second hand gown, or even by choosing a sample gown which will help with waste. For the guys why not purchase the grooms suit instead of hiring, and ask the grooms party to wear their own suits. 

8. Help with travel arrangements for your guests: Could you implement a car pooling system for your guests? Would laying on a bus be of help and cut down on the number of cars involved in travelling to your wedding? It might take a lot of juggling to work but who doesn’t love a big bus of love! 

9. Vintage or heirloom wedding jewellery: You mightn’t be lucky enough to have a treasure trove of diamonds to choose from but chat to your parents and grandparent about any jewellery, wedding rings included, that they might gift or lend you for the Big Day. Head to well-renowned vintage stores for a look at their wedding rings. 

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