“No Children” Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

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Don’t get us wrong. We love children! But the decision to have children at your wedding is entirely yours. If having little ones at your wedding isn’t what you’ve got in mind, then that’s up to you. For lots of parents, the idea of a day (and possibly night) away from the kids will be met with a big ‘hooray’, but how do you politely tell them the little ones are not invited? We get it, you don’t want to offend anyone. We’ve got some fabulous “No children” wedding invitation wording ideas to help you out here.

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Be discreet

First up, it’s important to start by being discreet. Nobody wants to have “No children” broadcast across their wedding invitations. Our recommendation is to begin by addressing your invitations to those who are invited (this will tell guests who is and who is not invited). Any information about children can be included in a separate card.


A bit more explicit

The discreet option will work just fine for the majority of your guests, considering only a portion of them will have kids. Only a portion of that crowd will misinterpret your discreet approach. But hey, you know your guests better than we do! If you think a more explicit approach is needed, we’ve got you covered. At the bottom of most wedding invitations, there’s often a note saying something like “Reception to follow”. You could write “Adult reception to follow”.


“No Children” wedding invitation wording

You may feel the need to be even more direct, but still polite. Here are some wording ideas that you could include. How about printing these out on a separate card that goes to just those who have children? Alternatively, include this creative wording on your wedding website.