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Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas for the Offbeat Bride

If you’re a little non-traditional, you’ll love this. Everything from what you wear to what you eat should reflect who you are as a couple. And if that’s offbeat, run with it.


Wear a non-white wedding dress

I wouldn’t fault you for believing that brides wear white as a symbol of purity. The truth is that Queen Victoria made white wedding dresses popular back in the day and the trend sort of stuck! So, whether you are ‘pure’ or not, wear white if you want to, or be bold and incorporate some colour. You could go for something a little less traditional, like blush pink, champagne gold or grey. Or you could go all out like this bride did!

Wedding Forward


Ask someone else to walk you down the aisle

You could ask another significant man in your life, like your brother, best friend, uncle or grandfather. Your mum may be up for the task, or you could walk solo! There are lots of reasons you may not want to include your dad in this part of your wedding day. In fact, we wrote a whole post about it. Read: Does My Dad Have to Walk Me Down the Aisle?

Paul Duane Photography


Forgo the plated dessert

I’m a huge fan of fancy plated desserts, but I’m also the first to say YES when offered a donut. I quite like the idea of a donut wall and I’m sure your guests would too!


Include your guy friends in your bridal party

Who says you should only invite your lady friends to be bridesmaids? How about bridesmen or groomsladies? Use this opportunity to honour the friendships that make you who you are today, whether your besties are men or women.

The Wedding Scoop


Mismatched ceremony seating

I think the mismatched look is awesome, authentic and comfortable. Just take a look at this setup!

Martha Stewart Weddings


Ask your gran to be your flower girl

Feel free to skip the traditional flower girl thing if no little girl comes to mind to fill the role. Or better yet, invite your gran to do the job! How cute is this?

Ashley Elizabeth Photography


Get creative with your wedding programs

I’m kind of obsessed with this, to be honest. Ditch the formalities and create a wedding program that sounds like it was written by YOU!

Bridal Guide


Only serve food you love

Burgers? Yes please! Pizza? You don’t need to ask me twice! Mac and Cheese? Heck yes! Who wouldn’t want these tasty treats at a wedding? Nobody I want to party with!

The Food Truck


Comfortable, family style seating

Your wedding shouldn’t just look good, it should be fun too! Comfortable seating that feels like a relaxed family dinner is one way to break the ice and get your guests talking.

Jessica Bordner Photography

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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