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Our Favourite Bridal Looks From Movies

I don’t always recommend seeking inspiration from wedding movies, because let’s be honest, they can be unrealistic and over the top. But I do love gawking at wedding dresses, even when they’re worn by fictional characters. So today, here are a few of my favourite bridal looks from movies. From the ones I could actually picture myself wearing (probs Bella Swan’s minimalist gown, if I’m honest) to the seriously over the top but still beautiful dresses (we’re looking at you, Katniss)… there’s something for everyone to love!


The Parent Trap: The model in THAT scene

If you’ve watched The Parent Trap as many times as I have, you’ll remember that iconic scene in Elizabeth James’ bridal boutique. They’re in the middle of a photoshoot and the veil isn’t sitting right. The fix? A bridal hat!

Via Twitter


My Best Friend’s Wedding: Kimberly

If I’m honest, Julia Roberts’ lilac Maid of Honour dress is what we’re all staring at, but Cameron Diaz as Kimberly Wallace looks gorgeous too! I love her off-the-shoulder wedding gown with long sleeves.

Via Tristar Pictures


Love Actually: Juliet

Whether you love her or judge her for her taste in pie (banoffee = ew), you have to admit that the opening scene is incredible. In the scene, Juliet, played by Kiera Knightley, ties the knot with Peter. Their wedding features a musical flash mob and her sheer, minimalist wedding dress.

Via Grazia


The Notebook: Allie

I simply can’t get enough of Rachel McAdams in this stunning 1940s wedding dress. The front buttons, illusion neckline and abundance of lace is exquisite!

Via MP Girrrl


The Princess Diaries 2: Mia

Mia – I mean, Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi – played by Anne Hathaway, wore a dress inspired by past royal brides. She looked radiant in her A-line gown with lace sleeves and long train.

Via Popsugar


Sex and the City: Carrie

If you remember the storyline, you’ll know that Carrie planned on wearing something much simpler. This Vivienne Westwood strapless satin ball gown never made its way down the aisle, but it is gorgeous and deserves to be celebrated.

Via Harpers Bazaar


Twilight – Breaking Dawn: Bella

I love that Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, opted for a stunningly simple wedding dress with long sleeves and a detailed lace back. This perfectly complemented the fairytale wedding ceremony in the forest.

Via Marie Claire


The Hunger Games – Catching Fire: Katniss

OK, there wasn’t actually a wedding, but at President Snow’s request, Katniss wore her wedding dress to the Quarter Quell opening ceremony. Jennifer Lawrence looked incredible in this over the top gown. And of course, the best feature of the dress could only be seen when she twirled!

Via Lions Gate


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