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Our Real Bridal Blogger – The Perfect Fit

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Our real bride blogger and Editor Pam, fills us in on all her wedding prep with just under two months to go until the big day!

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In 8 and a half weeks I will be walking down the aisle… I cannot believe it! And now that it’s April, I can now say I’m getting married next month!! I’m really excited but a little bit scared at the same time because I feel like there’s still lots to do. For awhile there, there were nights where all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and not do a tap, and I did just that and then the fear sets in and you catch sight of ‘the list’ and freak. So I am in bridal mode at the mo and am getting stuff done!! But there’s just some things that took SO much time. Like the shoes.

My biggest hurdle so far has been the shoes. You may think a blog post about finding shoes is kind of trivial but any of you ladies also on the hunt will know it can be a futile mission. What’s all the fuss about a pair of shoes that will be covered up anyway (if you’ve got a long dress, I can’t imagine the pressure if you had short!)? I know it sounds absolutely nuts because they’re hidden away under the dress, but maybe it’s the Cinderella factor – the whole slipping your feet in to a pair of utterly fabulous shoes just makes you feel a bit like a princess. I’m not even a princessy kind of girl but anyway!

I was always in to my heels but I went travelling and left them behind a few years back, and I swear we’ve never had the same relationship since – I became rather partial to flats and am a little rusty when it comes to my heel wearing to say the least. I think the biggest fear has to be that you’ll be in agony/hobbling up the aisle on your wedding day if you don’t get the shoes right and that is the very last thing you want.

Paul is tall, 6’2″ and I’m only 5’1″ so you can see my dilemma? I don’t want him to be towering over me at the altar and in photos, so all those cute kitten heel won’t cut the muster but at the same time I want to be able to walk and I want shoes that will behave and stay on! I trawled the internet, searched and researched the high street and eventually got there (shoes are currently in the post having found them online – a major gamble I know so fingers crossed, I could be back on Grafton street next week if not… !!) but it was some mission. Anyone else have the same problem as me?

Besides that I’ve been wading through all the other gazillion things on the to-do list, invites (my poor sister was unfortunate enough to get landed with this job as she’s an illustrator – as she’s also bridesmaid, she has been seeing a lot of me), trials, delicious food tastings etc (it’s a hard life)! The next few nights will be spent writing addresses on envelopes – invites are going out this weekend – gah! It makes it all very real. So as all you other summer brides and grooms know, times are busy!! But of course there’s still lots to do… which makes me feel like having another nap but we’ll get there. How are all you other May brides getting on? Plans coming along nicely? Freaking out yet? Give me another month and I’ll probably be there! Talk to you all soon!

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Pamela Mahon

Pamela Mahon

Pamela enjoys writing about all things decor (she loves buying it too) and has a not so secret addiction to stationery.

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