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Out Of This World Stars Wars Wedding Ideas

If you think the Force is a metaphor for love, you may want to start incorporating Star Wars into your wedding! Take a peek at our dreamy Star Wars wedding ideas that’ll take your guests to a galaxy far, far away. Whether you’re full on Jedi or you’ve got a little naughtier, Sith side to you, there’s bound to be something on our list that’ll have you screaming ‘Yoda one for me!’.

There’s a fine line between a little cheeky Star Wars inspiration and so much decor that it feels like a kids party. If you’re looking to avoid going down the cheesy line, and rather keep your Star Wars wedding subtle, then pick the ideas you like best and stick with those.

Find cute ways to incorporate your favourite Star Wars characters, phrases and music into your wedding.

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You don’t have to know much about Stars Wars to know what a lightsaber is! Find creative ways to incorporate lightsabers into your wedding festivities.

Haleema Manzur




Dress the part

Cufflinks, monogrammed jackets, full on helmets or somewhere in between…

Rae Marshall Photography


Megan Antalek Photo


The Draw Horns


Piper and Muse


Deanna Paige Photography


Adrienne and Dani Photography


Angela Renee Photo


Signs and wording

There are plenty of opportunities to include Star Wars phrases in your wedding signs! Check out some of our favourites…



Bored Panda


Emmaline Bride




Finishing touches

Add the finishing touches to your bouquets, buttonholes, cake or centrepieces!









Kiss The Bride



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