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Wedding Wednesday: What To Do If You’re Stressed About Your Wedding [Episode 101]

If you are stressed about your wedding, then this is for you! Whether you’re getting married next week, you’re about halfway and you’re stressed about the budget, or you’ve just begun and you’re overwhelmed by all the tasks to get done… there’s something here for everyone! Today we’re getting really practical and dealing with wedding anxiety!

Songs From Bridgerton: The Perfect Wedding Playlist

These songs from Bridgerton will fit right into your dinner music, adding a modern and romantic feel to the day!

10 Pretty Floral Touches For Your Summer Wedding

Aside from the pretty flowers you will likely carry on your wedding day, there are lots of other ways to add floral touches. From groom accessories to your hair adornment, today we’ve got ten beautiful floral ideas to incorporate into your summer wedding.

Protecting Your Mental Health While Planning Your Wedding

The reality is… your wedding doesn’t have to take over your whole life. You can incorporate some good practices into your daily and weekly routine to ground yourself. Take a look at these guided meditations, affirmations and wellness practices to help your mental health while wedding planning. 

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A Destination Wedding In Tuscany With Autumn Colours And Seasonal Fruits

This dreamy wedding story will make you want to hop on a plane and tie the knot in Italy! Since they’d planned a destination wedding in Tuscany, Tiziana and Erik decided not to go big on a theme and instead, let the venue and location speak for itself. 

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Utterly Perfect Bridgerton Wedding Ideas

The fabulous events, the beautiful flowers and the romantic music. If you are wanting to add a nod to the show or go for a full on Bridgerton wedding, I’ve got something for you.

Floral Delight – It’s Peony Season!

Yes, you read that right, peony season is here!
If you’re a lover of these amazing blooms, we will not be surprised if you’ve planned your wedding date around their very short season – honestly, we know couples who have done this!
If you want a large, lush flower that has the perfect amount of ruffly petals, the peony is the flower for your wedding day, but you’ve got to time it just right. Beautiful peonies have a very short season running from May, when they are at their prettiest, to June, when they disappear for another year.
We are truly in love with these bridal beauties, here’s a few reasons why…

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Prioritise Your Wellness While Wedding Planning

With Mental Health Awareness Week coming up next week and WellFest this weekend, it’s the perfect time to talk about prioritising your wellness! Whether you are looking to pamper yourself and your girls or you need the help of a hypnotist to reduce anxiety, and everything in between.

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WOL Loves: 10 Adorable Flower Girl Dresses for Summer Weddings

Add instant cute factor to your bridal party line-up with a little flower girl in the sweetest dress!
From full-on occasion wear to more relaxed options, today we have chosen 10 of the most adorable flower girl dresses, that you’ll both love. Summer is the perfect time to choose a dress in a complementing colour to you and your maids, whether that’s the prettiest pink, ethereal white or cool blue.

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Wedding Wednesday: Real Life Couples Share Their Wedding Regrets [Episode 100]

It’s our 100th episode and we’re talking about wedding regrets. In fact, we got such a great response to the question ‘Do you have any wedding regrets?’ that we’re sharing a bunch of the most common ones!

Beautiful & Versatile Bridesmaids in Jumpsuits

No matter the vibe of your day, there will be a jumpsuit to suit. From formal and classic to modern and minimalist, we’re sure you can find a jumpsuit to suit the style of your day. 

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How To Answer Awkward Questions From Your Guests

When planning a wedding, you’re bound to get awkward questions from your guests. The best news is that there’s one pretty genius way to make sure everybody has all the information they need. Introducing… the wedding website FAQ page! It’s

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5 Getting Ready Photos To Add To Your Shot List

While you’re getting ready for your Big Day, there will be several special photo ops you won’t want to miss. Here are five (plus a bonus) getting ready photos you should add to your shot list. 

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Autumn Wedding Goals: Red, Orange, Rust and Wood

Say hello to Deirdre and Keith! They got married in Autumn last year at Barberstown Castle. Because of the time of year, they leaned into the season and embraced all the Autumn colours – red, orange, rust and wood! 

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The Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues In Ireland

Sustainability conscious couples, this one’s for you! Wedding venues all over Ireland are making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint. From minimising waste generation to using solar energy and prioritising locally-sourced seasonal produce, these venues are going all out. Take a look at this list of the best eco-friendly wedding venues in Ireland and exactly what they are doing to save the planet! 

No Regrets – Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning for many brides. The anticipation of what you will find and how your wedding look will affect the day – yes it’s exciting but it can also feel overwhelming!

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Wedding Wednesday: What To Do If You Hate Your Bridesmaids Dress [Episode 99]

Oof, this is a tricky one to navigate. If you’re wondering what to do if you hate your bridesmaids dress, then this is for you!

CSO’s Marriage Statistics For 2023 Revealed

The Central Statistics Office has released their marriage statistics for 2023 and the results are interesting! Compared to their 2022 findings, it’s clear that the amount of weddings taking place in Ireland is starting to come down to pre-pandemic levels.

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WOL Loves: Summer Suit Styling For The Guys

Summer wedding season 2024 is just about to kick off and today we’re having a look at what’s on trend for the guys, and it seems the classic and timeless tux is proving most popular. 

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Reception Table Styling – A Helpful Guide To What You Need

Your tables should do two things, look beautiful and most importantly, serve a practical purpose. It’s important to get the balance of style and substance just right – we hope this guide will help you decide how your tables will look… 

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