Pawsome Tips For Including Your Dog In Your Wedding


If you’re obsessed with your pawsome pet, you’ve probably considered incorporating them into your wedding somehow. Why wouldn’t you extend the invitation to your furry friends? Well, if that’s you, there are lots of things to consider. We’re listing everything today in our guide to having your dog at your wedding.


Ask your venue

Many venues will have a policy of sorts regarding pets and animals, which they can share with you. Be sure to ask your venue before you start doing any pet-related planning! Some venues may be totally ok with your dog being indoors or outdoors, while others will only allow dogs outdoors, and some won’t allow pets on site at all.


Have a dog-sitter

Usually, your dog’s main role will be during the ceremony, either walking you down the aisle or as the ring bearer. If this is what you plan to do, be sure to have someone take on the role as dog-sitter to keep your furry friend occupied throughout the day.


Think about the walks

Consider how many walks your dog goes on each day and then think about the structure of your wedding. Weddings don’t often have time for the breaks your dog will need, so schedule in times throughout the day where your pup can run around and let off steam.


Evaluate your setting

Think about your wedding venue and evaluate if this is a great space for your dog to spend the day. A city wedding venue, a fancy hotel or a venue with very little outdoor space might not be a good fit. A solution could be for somebody to collect your pet after the ceremony.


Food and water

You’ll spend months agonising over the food and drinks for your guests so don’t forget to take care of your pet too! Arrange food and water bowls and don’t forget to ask your venue what they will provide and what they’re happy to distribute to your pet.


Consider your pup’s personality

Having your dog at your wedding may be your idea of a fabulous day, but it might not be up your dog’s alley. Some dogs are shy and introverted while others get overly excited and energetic. Seriously consider if your pet’s personality will allow them to shine or if they’ll feel anxious and unsettled all day.



Do you want your dog to be with you for the whole day? Just the ceremony? The outdoor reception only? Consider your options and plan accordingly! Who will drive your pet around and make sure they have everything they need?


Their favourite things

Keep your pet comfy with their favourite things! We’re talking about their toys, snacks and a cosy bed or blanket. You want your dog to be entertained and comfortable all day.


Plan the outfit

There is simply nothing cuter than a dog in a wedding suit or veil! We’re so obsessed we’ve already written a whole post full of adorable pups in wedding outfits. You can check that out here.


Consider your guests

Have you got any guests who are allergic to dogs? Or any venue staff, suppliers or guests who are afraid of dogs? It certainly doesn’t have to be ‘them or the dog’, but you could let people know your pup will be there on the day, so they can keep their distance or bring along anti-histamines.