9 Places Where Celebrities Got Married and You Can Too


Maybe you’re a huge fan of a particular celebrity, era, or fashion. Maybe you just want to get married in a place that’s a little bit famous. Or maybe you like dropping interesting trivia into your wedding conversations. Either way, here’s a list of our favourite places where celebrities got married. And you know, you could get married there too.

Hampton Court Palace, London

places where celebrities got married

Above image from Historic Royal Palaces

Any English history buff has probably been to Hampton Court already, or is planning to go. It was here in 1435, King Henry VIII married his sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr. During the tour of the palace, you actually get to see the room where the marriage took place, and projections on the walls will make you feel like you’re witnessing an actual royal marriage. If this is too much for your own wedding, then at least you can say you stood in the same room. If you’re not into Tudor architecture though, the rear of the palace is built in the romantic Baroque style and the gardens are simply breathtaking.

Marylebone Registry Office, London

places where celebrities got married

Image courtesy of A Day to Remember

Paul McCartney and Liam Gallagher got married there (not to each other, of course, but can you imagine the jams at that wedding…). It has just reopened after a four-year renov break, and could be ideally combined with a city mini-moon. They offer no fewer than seven (seven!) ceremony rooms. Other people who married there: Ringo Starr, Antonio Banderas, Sean Bean. It’s a list to rival some of the better known Vegas chapels! And speaking of Vegas…

Graceland Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas

places where celebrities got married

Above image from timeout.com

Basically, you’ll have a whole list of big names to drop into your conversation! First and foremost, if you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, then this is your closest alternative to actual Graceland. Choose a ceremony presided over by the King of Rock and Roll, and marvel at the fact that in the very same spot once stood: Jon Bon Jovi, Andie McDowell, Aaron Neville, Matthew Perry, Johnny Depp and Selma Hayek.

Jefferson Market Garden, New York

places where celebrities got married

Image from a real wedding by Mademoiselle Fiona

Calling all fans of Sex and the City, but also fans of unconventional places to get married. On Greenwich Avenue between Sixth Avenue and W 10th Street lies Jefferson Market Garden, the very place where Steve and Miranda got married. If you feel a big-deal ceremony isn’t for you, then saying ‘I do’ outdoors in one of the most famous cities in the world could be just the thing.

Office of the City Clerk, New York

places where celebrities got married

Above image from marriedinnewyork.tumblr.com

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso went down the refreshingly simple route at of a wedding at the City Hall in New York. Again, this is a great place for couples who like things a little unconventional. And if you want to visualise just what your own wedding could look like, there’s an actual Instagram account dedicated to weddings at that very city hall!

Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin

places where celebrities got married

Above image of Luttrellstown Castle

Ok, so what if you can’t or won’t elope to a faraway land? No problem, there’s plenty of name dropping to be done in our very own Ireland with the luxurious Luttrellstown Castle. David and Victoria Beckham got married there in 1999. At the time, their wedding was widely commented upon for the over-the-top decor factor. Even if you think so too, their choice of venue itself couldn’t have been better.

All Saints’ Church, Raheny, Dublin

places where celebrities got married

Photo by William Murphy

Built in the late 1880s, this church was constructed entirely using Irish materials, and some members of the Guinness family are buried in the crypt. Aside from its architectural beauty inside and out, this is the place where Bono and Ali Hewson got married back in 1982. If you believe in omens, then this might be a good one, as they are still married today.

Ashford Castle, Co Mayo

places where celebrities got married

While quite a few celebs danced at Ashford Castle and The Lodge at Ashford Castle weddings, we think it’s the perfect place for a Bond theme. Why? Because Pierce Brosnan had his wedding reception there all the way back in 2001. Or maybe you’re more of a golfing couple? Rory McIlroy got married here. Want to show off your boyband knowledge credentials? Shane Filan from Westlife also said ‘I do’ here.

Lough Rynn Castle, Leitrim

If you’re after a fairy tale setting for your Big Day, look no further than Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim. Located on the shores of Lough Rynn, this 19th century castle was the setting for Amy Huberman and Brian O’ Driscoll’s wedding back in July 2010 and you could follow in their footsteps. They said ‘I do’ at St Josephs Church in Aughavas, Co. Leitrim before a lavish celebration at Lough Rynn.