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Blog Posts to Read After You Say Yes!

Congratulations on your engagement! We’ve rounded up some super helpful blog posts for you to read after you say yes! There’s a mix of practical wedding planning advice, expert tips and pretty inspo. We hope this helps you kick off your wedding planning journey the right way.

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What to Do After Getting Engaged | Read More

In this blog post, we looked at the first five things you need to think about after getting engaged. Expert tips on finding the perfect venue, wedding checklists and more!

How to Plan Your Wedding at Work Without Getting Fired | Read More

Life is busy and not everyone has the time to spend their evenings relaxing and planning their wedding. The trick here is to make sure you’ve still got a job after your wedding so you can’t give into the temptation to let wedding planning run away with you.

How to Book Your Dream Wedding Suppliers | Read More

There’s more to this than a simple Google search. We’ve narrowed it down for you to help you save time in searching for the best wedding suppliers.

How to Stay Organised and Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed | Read More

And if you are planning your own wedding, we’ve got some expert wedding planning tips from the pros!

How to Choose the Right Wedding Date For You | Read More

These days, selecting the right date is more complicated than phoning up your nearest church and asking for their availability. We’ve created an informative post to help you make this decision.

Wedding on a Budget? Here’s a Money Saving Tip! | Read More

Many couples say that the thing that stresses them out the most about wedding planning is money! We’re not surprised. We put together a post with some practical tips on ways you can save money by making smart decisions.

How to Register Intent to Marry in Ireland | Read More

We’ve demystified the legal requirements for you in one handy blog post.

8 Simple Steps to an Awesome Engagement Party | Read More

One of the most fun parts of getting married is all the celebratory events that lead up to the Big Day! The first being your engagement party.

Wedding Disasters? Stop Them Before They Happen | Read More

Rain on your wedding day, stains on your dress, lost rings… prevent these disasters by planning ahead!

5 Ways to Beat Wedding Nerves | Read More

While planning your big day, there is a lot to think about. All the small details, your guests, walking down the aisle, giving a speech. It can all be a bit much and you may be feeling a case of wedding nerves setting in.

The Simplest List of Wedding Duties You’ll Ever See | Read More

With so many things to be done, it’s helpful to know who should be doing what! I’ve narrowed it all down for you in this nifty wedding duties list.

How to Plan Your Wedding Without Going Insane | Read More

As a former wedding planner and someone who has planned her own wedding too, I get it! I’ve got some expert tips for you to make sure you enjoy planning your wedding.

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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