Pretty Paper Flowers

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Paper flowers, isn’t that tacky?” but just look at these fake flower bouquets! They’re gorgeous! In fact, styling magazines such as Sweet Paul have started featuring these little papers rather than the silk flowers they usually use. Designers like them for their sharp edges and the variety of colours they come in for your every need. Plus, they’re eco-friendly! Recycle them after use (or keep them forever since they won’t die!) rather than watching your real flowers wilt away.

If you’re not into outfitting your wedding with paper flowers but are a pack rat (like me), think about getting one paper flower bouquet made specifically for the bouquet toss so you can go home with your fragrant flowers at the end of the night.

Anemone Paper Flowers


Anemone Paper Flowers


Anemone Paper Flowers

Jeffrey Rudell Design

Decoupage Books

Tangerine Tree Photography

MaMi Photography

Image 1 & 9: Moira Designs,

Image 2,3 & 5: Anemone Paper Flowers,

Image 4:Sileperre Designs,

Image 6: Jeffrey Rudell Designs,

Image 7:

Image 8: Sweet Paul Magazine


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  1. Anne says:

    I like all of these. The last photo is my favorite!

    I’m not making a decision until I choose a dress but I am thinking about the paper flowers from Anemone or from a website you don’t have listed here. It’s and they have very real looking paper flowers. If my dress is very elegant I want to use their flowers and if we get to do something that is more relaxed and informal I think I might use flowers from Anemone.

    One thing I like is that paper flowers let me enjoy my flowers for more than just one day. It would also be great because the bouquets could double as gifts for my attendants and I could check off two items in my planner at once!

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