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Wedding Trend Alert: Private Weddings Are Not Just For Royalty

I’m all for exploring new wedding trends! I am particularly fascinated by trends that are inspired by royalty. And don’t get me wrong, today’s wedding trend is not just for royalty. Thanks to the gorgeous Ballinacurra, private weddings are now made accessible to us non-Royal folk. You might say that Ballinacurra has been pioneering this trend of private weddings so they are somewhat experts on the subject.

I quite like the idea of a private wedding on a private estate because you get a wonderful sense of intimacy and exclusivity. This sets the tone of the wedding and it’ll give your guests a lasting first impression. Best way to do that? With a stunning setting. And privacy is the ultimate luxury!

Having a very unique and eclectic venue like Ballinacurra automatically sets the tone of your wedding and makes it a lot more memorable. Sometimes people go to so many weddings that they begin to look similar. So, if the gorgeous decor doesn’t grab their attention, Ballinacurra has a range of other incredible features; the love pond, private jetty, Cuban Cocktail bar, Michael Jackson inspired Bubbly bar, the Champagne garden, and wonderfully, the list goes on!

Private but Not Isolated

Often, finding a private venue means finding a venue that’s in the middle of nowhere. Well, that’s not super convenient when it comes to the end of the night. Once the celebrations are over, and it’s time for everyone to go home, if they aren’t stayin onsite, it becomes very inconvenient and a little awkward. Good news? Ballinacurra can sleep 54 guests and is only a 2 minute taxi ride from Kinsale, which has a range of accommodation options suitable for all budgets.

Amazing Photography

Something else that Ballinacurra has in common with Royal weddings… a 40-acre pristine property and magazine-worthy interior. These make a perfect backdrop for some pretty incredible wedding photos. You won’t have to waste time moving around looking for different locations because there are so many ornate indoor and outdoor options. You’ll surely be spoilt for choice, even if the weather doesn’t play along. Who’d want to spend all their time on photos if they could instead be partying with their guests?

More Relaxed & Less Stressful

I think my favourite thing about a private wedding is that you get the entire estate to yourself. No awkward moments where there are two ladies in white, each hosting their own Big Day. With Ballinacurra, you’ll have stunning lawns, ponds, private Jetty, private chef, and so much more, all to yourself. The end result is that you – and your guests – will be relaxed.

No Standard Rooms

Something truly unique about Ballinacurra is that each of their rooms is meticulously styled and themed after a country. Rooms called after Africa, Australia, Italy, France etc. The people who get to stay in the same room Michael Jackson stayed in for three weeks are usually the first to offer a tour of their room to others! Talk about VIP treatment.

Smart Use of Timing

Everyone says that their wedding day goes by so fast. Here’s an expert tip: take the opportunity to stay the night before your wedding and invite your guests to do so too. This way they can break the ice with each other and get to know the families. So on the actual wedding day, you’ll have relaxed guests who already know each other.

Estate Staff Just for You

Having a private estate means that the staff are completely dedicated to catering for you and your guests. The staff at Ballinacurra take a very personalised approach to guests and how they experience the house. Guests will become known by name and this creates an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. Kind of like a home away from home with a 5 star touch!

Endless Customisable Options

If you want to have the ultimate Royal wedding, you’ve got to consider food. With no restrictions, you’ll have less waste. You don’t need to have a minimum number of guests and you don’t need to spend a certain amount of money. You can choose from quality options, because you might not feel the need to have 5 courses for your guests. Or perhaps you’d prefer a bespoke menu that reflects your tastes. A private wedding means a private chef and this means that all your needs will be catered to. Even the Royals, Harry and Meghan, chose to serve a roving menu; something Ballinacurra has pioneered for years.

Décor & Styling

Since the house is so ornate there is no need to worry about adding costly extras that you would need to spend if you choose your standard hotel. They keep the décor very neutral so that couples can add all the styling options. In Ballinacurra, around every corner is a feast for the eyes. Every inch of the property has been expertly styled and this speaks volumes to guests and adds to the 5-star feel. No need to spend a fortune trying to add character and style to your wedding. This also makes the photographs so interesting, regardless of the weather.

Expert Wedding Planning

Because of the endless bespoke options available at Ballinacurra, you’ll have your own dedicated wedding planning executive to help you really streamline the planning process. Their expert team can help you put together the wedding of your dreams while also keeping you on a budget. This is an invaluable part of the experience and it comes at no extra cost. This is a wonderful way to save money and eliminate a huge load of stress.

Our Advice

To talk about the things that really matter for your wedding, come have a chat and a private tour with the team at Ballinacurra. 021 4779040 [email protected]

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