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Our Real Bridal Blogger – Less Than One Month To Go!

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Our real bride blogger and Editor Pam, fills us in on all her wedding prep with just under one month to go until her wedding on May 31st!

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Hi all! So I cannot believe I’m typing this… it’s less than one month to the wedding!! I cannot believe it’s May. Where did April go? And March and the rest of the year?

This post is going to be a bit of a mish mash of everything because as all my fellow brides will probably agree, at this stage your mind is flitting from ceremony booklets to RSVPs at rapid speed – thank God we’re multitaskers eh?

So I’ve had my hen – it always seemed like aaages away and had this surreal like quality to it, me… hen?? But it came and I have to say it was just the loveliest feeling being surrounded by my closest ladies. We went to Carlingford for one night – such a cute spot, colourful houses, cobble stone streets, quaint little pubs and only an hour and a bit from Dublin – a big plus for the post party drive back the following day.

My sister Carol and best friend Kate went above and beyond and made it such a special night with lots of fun party stuff and little touches (which has inspired me for an upcoming hen post – watch this space bridesmaids/party planners!) and I was kitted out in very me style with an amazing vintage bride-to-be sash and a Disney Princess crown and chalice. I was seriously touched by it all. And I’ve another lovely weekend planned for the  bank hol (yay three days off) this time a little spa break with my family – the perks of being a bride-to-be!

It’s down the nitty gritty now with the wedding stuff, it’s all about the final bits and pieces that seem fine in theory but swallow up entire evenings… ceremony music (who would have thought playing a few tunes on youtube would be such a killer, I am still in shock at how hard it was to finalise all our songs and how long it took!) ticking off RSVP’s, re-jigging the ceremony booklet (Microsoft Word and shifting text is a nightmare), trying to source readings – another toughie, looking at table plans etc… you all know the drill.

I’ve also had my first dress fitting, which I type with a gigantic smile. I was ridiculously excited when I got the call to say I’d get to try my dress on again and even more so actually putting it on. But at the same time it is a little daunting because it has been that long since I’d seen it – it’s a case of please oh please let me like it. And I did… phew. For those of you that read my last post, my shoes arrived and were thankfully okay (another phew) and I get to do the dress thing again this Saturday at my adjustment fitting (dress has been taken in and tweaked at this stage!) so I’ll get a proper idea of how it actually looks. So. Excited.

Hope all my fellow brides and grooms are getting on well with the plans! Talk to you all soon!

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Pamela Mahon

Pamela Mahon

Pamela enjoys writing about all things decor (she loves buying it too) and has a not so secret addiction to stationery.

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