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Real Couples Offer Valuable Wedding-Day Advice

In case you didn’t know, we have an incredible Facebook group called Help! I’m Getting Married!. This is for couples in Ireland who are planning a wedding. Recently, we had some real couples share some lovely wedding-day advice, and we couldn’t resist sharing it here with you! You know what they say: the best wedding advice comes from couples who are already married.

Real Wedding Stories by Real Couples

“Make sure someone carries a bottle of water for the bride..the minute the doors opened for the church my mouth went dry awful feeling! Obviously nerves.”

Suzanne Moynihan

“1 piece if advise you can’t control the weather so just relax”

Sandra Hornick-Kenny

“Waiting on my photos still….but my advice would be to book who you like when you have the chance you can never be too early.
If your wedding is a while away don’t pick your bridal party yet. Things can change a lot in 2.5 years from getting engaged to getting married.
Get a decent photographer and get the DVD. Apart from rings, they are all you have left after the day.

Oh and have a list of photos you want the photographer to take and make sure he does. Ours wouldn’t take a list in advance and told us to give it to the best man and for him to tell him on the day.
We know we missed photos with people we wanted.
Our photographer also took a different route to the hotel so we got there before him after the church so there’s none of us in the car / arriving.”

Aoife Lonergan

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. It all comes together at the end x.”

Melissa O Neill

“My friend took this one of my husband’s shoes and my Docs while we were dancing and it still one of my favourites. My advice would be to focus on your and your partner‘s dream of the day and to make sure that you have a great time. Don‘t let yourself be stressed by a schedule or expectations of others just go with the flow and make your day – your day  We had such a blast!”

Sarah O’Connor

“I love this one of my bridesmaid helping me put on my veil. Enjoy the day and take everything in cause it goes by so fast 

Yvonne Farrell

“Enjoy the day. Yes its important to meet and greet everyone. But also remember this is your special day, and you’ve worked hard to make it happen. Make good memories ❤”

Samantha Healy

“My advice is to do things ur way, ignore worrying about other people’s opinions for on the day all that truly matters is that u marry ur one true love ❤️❤️❤️”

Shirley Miller

“Enjoy every moment the day goes so quick xx”

Clara Murphy

“One of my faves from our day 3 years ago with some very special family and friends… one thing I would change would be have it videoed. My one and only regret from.the day…”

Lynda A Ennis

“Take 5-10minutes out of your reception to be alone. Just so you can take a breath and say “f*ck we did it!” As everyone wants a piece of you and I treasure that little bit of peace so much x”

Katie Brown

“Enjoy your day don’t stress the little stuff and don’t care what anyone else thinks! Just remember it’s your day and you have to have fun xx”

Dee Harte Gleeson

“Don’t stress if you can everything falls into place. Enjoy every minute it’s over before you know it.”

Laura Smyth

“Don’t worry too much on the lead up, it all works out in the end 

Aoife Overson

“Give yourself longer time in the morning for hair and makeup, I wish I had an extra 30 mins to get more photos taken calmly and have some time to calm down before I left for the ceremony, I was so stressed leaving the house (making sure the alarm was set and the cats were out ) And DONT WORRY everything will be alright on the night! 

Tiger Singleton

“Take some time to sit back and enjoy it. The entire day goes soo quickly. I would remove myself from rooms etc so I could look in at what was happening, morning prep etc., and listen to all the happenings. Was really nice. Also, Don’t panic! It really does all come together 

Bailey Cummins Da Rocha

“Relax and take it all in as the day just flies by. Dont let the little things stress you out, dont worry about candy carts or photo booths if you dont have the money for them dont worry… good food and a good band are all you need!! And take some time to yourselves on the day, just you and your other half… even if its just 10/20mins.”

Niamh Moran

“Haven’t got our professional photos back yet as only got married 2 weeks ago…I would say don’t stress about trying to talk to everyone and enjoy the fun things, use the photo booth and dance as much as you can, it goes so fast…you can talk to people after it’s all over xx”

Steph Mullins

“Take your time..don’t panic or sweat the small stuff. Take a couple of minutes after the ceremony to be with your new husband just the both of ye and most importantly just relax and enjoy the day.. it goes by so fast 

Sonya Carey

“Take it all in, enjoy every moment.. and remember to take a few minutes for yourselves  my favourite moment was my dad exchanging words with my husband to calm his nerves x”

Kelley O’Dea

“My soon to husband forgot he had his phone in his pocket. So he tried to slyly hand it back… caught!!
Best bit of advice, take 5-10mins just the 2 of you. Go to the back of the room while everyone is partying and was from a distance. It’s amazing.”

Naom Barnett

“We didnt ‘save up’ to get married, we just booked the venue a year before n paid off things as we went along. You dont need thousands to get married or years to plan. The flowers n band were only booked about a week or so before the wedding, we decided to get room draping the week of our wedding n paid a lot of vendors cash on the night- band/draping/ photographer. Dont over think every detail, people dont notice the small stuff.”

Sinead Martin

“Take it all in  it’s the best day of my life after the birth of my daughter 

Samantha Mackin

“Have hair and makeup come to you – it sounds obvious to most but I thought since it was just me and one bridesmaid it would be fine to save a bit of money and go to the hairdresser for hair and makeup. We ran so far over time that we weren’t able to get any professional photos of us at my house getting ready and spending time with friends.

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite photo, but here’s one of my top 10 

Kathryn Coughlan

“A few things we didn’t do was take 5 minutes just to be on our own at reception to breathe. And have list of photos you want photographer to take, we got none of our rings and none of just my husband with the kids. And time to stop and say help between pictures and being called for dinner.”

Mandy Hallissey

“No matter happens its your day and it’ll be perfect and personal to you both. Dont stress the small things 

Triona Conroy

“Have a bottle of water in the car after the ceremony, I was so thirsty from talking to everyone outside the church. A spare white shirt for hubby in case collar gets covered in makeup from guests outside the church

Grace Quann

I love this one. My girls did an amazing job! I’m returning the favor for one of them next July.
Enjoy every minute of your day, it goes so fast.
The little things that don’t pan out aren’t important when your surrounded by your family and friends, coz you realize that’s all you every needed from the start. 

Louise Walsh

“Have the kind of wedding yous both want and don’t listen to people who try to persuade you otherwise  no tie for the groom? Bride not wearing white?  shocking  as long as you are both happy that’s all that matters 

Karyn Kirwan

“Take your time and breathe in the morning. We had lots of time to relax and I found not rushing was great. Take a few minutes to just you and your new wife or husband. The day flashes by and it’s nice to have those moments together to soak it all in xx”

Clare Finnegan

Get a videographer!!

Aisling Markey Hewett

“Just enjoy EVERY moment of the day. It goes so fast. Don’t rush yourself in the morning. Enjoy the time with your girls and family. As hard as it is try and get a good night sleep the night before… it really makes such a difference. And most of all take time out with your hubby when the guests are been seated for dinner. Just reflect on the day so far and even have a catch up about the morning prep etc as it’s a part of your big day that the other wasn’t involved in so it’s nice to hear how it went etc. Also things will go wrong but don’t worry… no one but you will notice 

Catherine Lawlor

“Don’t sweat the little things! It’ll all work out on the day and anything that doesn’t you won’t notice – neither will anyone else! Just enjoy it.”

Jess Heyle

“My cousin referred to this as a picture of my husband and I walking into our new life together. Once the day starts, forget about everybody else, forget about whether the band starts on time or weather the flowers are perfect. Just focus on you and your partner and enjoy the love.”

Kassie Baalham

“My advice would be take time out for yourselves. We chilled in the room for about 15-20mins before the meal to relax and actually say hi to my hubby. This is our selfie in the room. Definitely get a videographer, you’ll be glad of it cos I couldn’t remember simple things from the day. Xxx”

Catherine Griffiths

“One thing I’ll say is enjoy the build up to it and try and relax, i was so busy stressing that on the day before I walked down the aisle all the emotions hit me at once, its like you forget your actually getting married because your planning and saving that long, my fav part was my little girls walking towards there daddy as the flower girls then my son giving me away to his daddy! I wish I could do it all again, it went so fast 

Jade Trappe

“We’re married 5Months today. It was the most amazing day ever! The only thing I would advice is to take the whole day in and spend a few minutes alone with your new husband or wife to take a breather, it’s a very long day but goes by in a flash… most of all enjoy every second 

Mairead Traynor O Sullivan

” I love this picture. It’s just before I left home.. Buy some white chalk. It’s handy to have to cover stains if you get some on ur dress. Like I did.. And enjoy every minute xx”

Anna O Callaghan Cronin

” I love this picture! The day will go faster than you can imagine, take time during the ceremony to really take things in, all the people that are there for you, and how special that moment is. Don’t sweat the small stuff, I promise you it won’t matter. Leave more time that you think you will need in the morning to relax and enjoy yourselves. But most of all remember this is for you and your partner, no one else, if you don’t get talking to everyone there, don’t stress about, that’s not what the day is about, make sure you spend time together. X”

Rebecca Coyle

“Enjoy every moment.”

Tricia Cosgrove

“Remind yourself not to let the planning drive you too crazy – if it doesn’t affect anything that will remain after the wedding itself, it’s not worth any heartbreak or stress!”

Vanessa Shirley

“Once the day begins enjoy every second, dont get stressed and let someone else handle any hiccups along the way!”

Tara Lavin

Do it the way you want it! Don’t stress too much, and enjoy every second”

Klaudia E William Martins

“In the middle of the night you and your partner go into a corner of the room for one minutes and watch everyone enjoying celebrating your special day … its is such a lovely experience to take 60 seconds and look at your wedding from the outside 💕 enjoy it all because it’s over so quickly . Xxx”

Laura Finn

“My advice would be enjoy your day as it’s goes so fast. Take time just for yourselves as there is so many ppl wanting to chat with you make sure u make time just be together in the moment.”

Grace Cruise

“This was us with a few of our bridal party having a laugh with selfies before dinner it’s a random but 1 of my favs just relax and enjoy every minute”

Mandy O Regan

“Don’t get stressed over anything.. you will look back in years to come an laugh at it. What’s meant to be will be.”

Lauren Reilly

“This now my favourite
Got married in may
Went to visit my mother before our honeymoon and dressed up to show her the lace dress modelled on her vintage era … Mam got sick on our honeymoon and sadly passed away last week
So glad I made the effort now”

Maire Bean Ui Chinneide

“My advice is don’t get yourself into debt just for one day. Just because someone else is having something at their wedding doesn’t mean you have to, try not to feel pressure to do so. Your day will be magical no matter how much you spend. Also have fun enjoy it all,it goes too quick and before you know it you are back to normal life  2 years married 14 years together”

Sarah Ellis

“Love this pic of me proving I could lift my husband  my advice is to just take a few mins out of the day just for you and your other half. I didn’t and I regret that. Only really was with him for photos and 1st dance.”

Shirley Glody

“So hard to pick just one picture!! Anyway, I know it’s a cliche but honestly don’t sweat the small stuff! Your day will fly by in the blink of an eye and you won’t notice them! Also take some time, for just yourselves to have a chat and a catch up!! You’ll be so busy flitting around to everyone that you barely get time to talk to one another so try set some time for just the two of you – even if it’s just in the car from the church to the venue or to have your photos done. Most of all, enjoy the build up and enjoy your day xx”

Niamh Hughes

“You’ll have a fantastic day no matter what happens! Nothing ever goes perfectly and if it did you’d have nothing to laugh about afterwards  we had a car breakdown and several dress malfunctions, all of which only added to the entertainment! Just don’t stress, whatever it is won’t matter as long as you both show up!”

Emma Rochford

“Lots of fab pics to choose from but I love this one because it shows the feel of our whole day. Our photographer who is a friend suggested a certain pose and because I’m taller it just didn’t work. This pic makes me giggle  my advice don’t worry about the small things, enjoy your day and most of all have fun, it’s the biggest day of your lives as a couple, enjoy it  oh and don’t be afraid to be different, it’s your day do it your way x”

Tracey Marlowe

“I love this one! Taken by my sister at the very end of the night. And my advice is in this picture too…..if you have a long dress get converse for at least the night part!! Danced the night away and no way would I have been able to do that in heels!!! 

Aine Tobin

“No professional photos yet but so far this is my favourite from our guests… the moment I reached the top of the aisle  My advice would be to not to emotionally buy into the “perfect fairy tale” thing, relax, enjoy the experience and don’t sweat the small stuff, something will ALWAYS go off the plan, someone will ALWAYS complain or be awkward (you probably know who before the invite is even sent) but if you wake up next day having married your other half then the whole thing was absolutely a roaring success. Really be in the moment and as your make your vows soak up the emotions you are both feeling and really hear and mean every word dont worry about sounding good or how you look etc just breath and be in that very moment together I promise it goes so fast but you will hold that memory dearly. Best of luck to all the future brides and grooms I hope your day is the start of something incredible xx”

Mary McKeown

“This is my favourite picture!!
Take the time to enjoy your day. Take it all in! It goes so fast!”

Amy Elkurdi

“After a major issue with my dress that kept us 30 mins late and stressed the life out of us, myself and my son took a moment outside the church to settle ourselves before walking up the aisle. It really helped too.

The photographer caught it without us knowing. It’s been one of my favourite photos since I saw it in the middle of the 2000 photos he sent us.

Advice? Bring flats!”

Dorinda Downey

“Married a month no professional pics yet !!! My advice is to just enjoy the day and have it your way !!”

Susan Hannigan

“I love this. The best man and grooms man got a surprise of the only fools and horses car for the morning until after the ceremony. It came with all the del boy Rooney and granda props. The boys had a great laugh getting ready and getting pics with it”

Trina Murphy

“Enjoy every moment. Selfie mirror was a big hit got a photo album to keep with all pics. Amazing day from start to finish. Waiting on video back and pictures but love this one”

Rosemary Curran

“As already said.. don’t put yourself into debt for one day. buy and plan within your means. if any of your plans dont work out.. you’re the only one who knows they were planned.. noone else will miss them. make loads of time for photos. even make a list of photos you want taken. (i regret not doing that). Best of luck and overall enjoy the planning process.”

Margaret O’Neill

“Time flies! Take a moment to be present and take everything in! And invest in a good photographer.”

Rachel Stephenson

“Nearly 6 years married and now lurking on this page but as a supplier 😂
Ask your maid of honour/best man to put sandwiches and water in the bridal car- great to have a snack after ceremony while going to get photos taken. It’s often the case that all the nibbles are gone by the time you reach your venue after photos have been taken.
Also include champagne so you can have a private toast!”

Shimona Moloney

“Wear a watch! Comes in so handy to discreetly keep an eye on the time.”

Raina May Davies

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, the most important thing is that your gonna marry the love of your life.”

Shirley Arnold

“This is my favourite of my husband cracking up laughing.. Our church ceremony was by far the best we’ve been to due to our priest Fr pat who is an absolute legend ha
My advice would be to relax and take a few minutes with your new husband/wife and also top tip get the hotel to send up a plate with some of your wedding cake up to the room so you can enjoy your cake in peace after a long day (we ate ours at 6am the next morning when we finally got to bed)”

Claire O Mahoney

“My piece of advice get a videographer it’s worth every penny!! I’ve only just got mine and it’s better then the photos because you get to see moment you would of missed or forgot during the day.”

Sarah Walsh

“Try not to stress over little things’ it will ruin your day believe me I did So ended up getting very very drunk & don’t remember much of it, good thing for photos though they helped me see that it was a good day & not as bad as I thought it was.”

Kursty Kiely

So far this one xx”

Christina Wilkinson

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