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Simple Steps To Create Your Wedding Budget

wedding budget

Planning your dream wedding day begins with a great foundation, creating a well considered wedding budget. At first it may seem very overwhelming and cause you some stress but by using our simple steps you’ll be a planning pro in no time. 

Budget Breakdown 

An important part of planning your budget is knowing the exact budget breakdown, exactly where each cent is going. With so many elements making up the day you should look at every area and decide on a figure for each. Reception venue, wedding dress, flowers… the list goes on but if you stick to what you decide on, planning will be so much easier. 

Usually most couples will allocate at least 50% of their budget to their reception venue, with this figure in mind you can create a cost breakdown for the rest of your items. 

How To Set A Wedding Budget 

With so many elements to pay for it’s clear to see why you need a wedding budget. The earlier in the planning process you create your budget, the easier things will be. There are lots of online budget trackers available, and our yearly WeddingsOnline Survey will give you an up-to-date cost breakdown from Irish couples. 

Step 1 

Set a realistic budget. You can’t plan a €50,000 wedding on a €5,000 budget so being realistic from the get go is the best way to ensure you have the day you imagine. 

Step 2

Know where your budget is coming from. If your families are contributing it’s important to know how much so you can add it to the overall budget and break down your spending. 

Step 3  

Know what type of wedding you want to plan. If you’re thinking of a large, formal day at a large venue your budget will be different from an intimate day in your local pub.

Step 4

Know your non-negotiables. In other words, know the areas of your day that you absolutely must have. This will of course vary with every couple, but it’s important you know those things you can’t do without! 

Wedding planning is a big undertaking and it’s all a learning curve. Speak to friends and family who have recently planned their wedding day, have they any advice to share? 

We’d suggest you do your research thoroughly with everything you book, keep track of your expenses and don’t commit to a supplier until you have a solid breakdown of services and cost.

(Image: Susan Jefferies Photography) 
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