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Six Memorable Wedding Day Scents For The Bride

Wedding Day Scents

Recognisable scents can instantly transport you back to a fabulous memory, so why not choose a really special perfume to wear on your wedding day? Last week we shared six sophisticated scents for the groom, you can see them here, so it’s only fair to share the girls today! 

From fruity to floral and woody to spicy, these six scents are certainly wedding day worthy. 

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Sì, Giorgio Armani

Armani SÌ EAU DE PARFUM is a timeless perfume that is whole-hearted and grounded yet turns into a soft trail that lingers. SÌ is Italian for ‘yes’ and reveals the contemporary femininity of Giorgio Armani, the SÌ woman has the confidence to say yes to the values that define her life.

Notes of blackcurrant liquor, rose de mai absolute, freesia, patchouli and oakmoss.

No 5, Chanel

N°5, the very essence of femininity. An aldehyde floral bouquet housed in an iconic bottle with a minimalist design. A timeless, legendary fragrance.

Notes of may rose, jasmine, citrus and vanilla. 

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

Molecule 01 consists of the molecule Iso E Super pure and singular.

Iso E Super is a molecule that hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura round the wearer.

It is characterised by a hyper-modern cedarwood note with a velvety sensation. Perfumer Geza Schoen explains its allure: “Iso E Super is one of those skin-sexy scents that makes you want to nestle into it. It’s comforting, cocooning.”

The Molecule 01 fragrance is radically minimalist. It contains no odorants except the aroma-molecule, Iso E Super. 

Pomelo, Jo Loves

Inspired by memories of summer holidays, white sandy beaches, fresh linen sheets and sparkling iced water, this mouth-watering Grapefruit-infused Citrus is sharp, refreshing, and instantly energising.

Notes of vetiver, pomelo, patchouli and pomelo zest. 

Fleur De Peau Eau De Parfum, Diptique

A tribute to the mythical love between Psyche and Eros, which led to the birth of their daughter, Hedone. One scent can convey this legend: musks. At the heart of Fleur de Peau, they are cottony, soft or moist. Highlighted with iris and ambrette seed, they reveal their full tactile dimension.

Notes of musk, iris, ambrettolide and pink peppercorn. 

Lily & Magnolia Blossom, Molton Brown

A joyful floral fragrance, Lily & Magnolia Eau de Parfum is an ode to Cornish woodlands, blooming with creamy magnolia, dewy lily of the valley and warm sandalwood. Juicy pear – its signature note – accentuates the scent’s top notes and lends a sweet, long-lasting trail.

Notes of magnolia, white tea, green mandarin, lily of the valley, peony and freesia. 

(Featured image: Maddison Rose Photography)



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