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Spring Wedding Flowers

spring wedding flowers

We’re almost through January and that means Spring is on the horizon! This beautiful season is more popular than ever to tie the knot during, and we can understand why couples choose this promising time. From icy cold mornings that end in stunning sunsets, roaring fires to keep out the chill and of course the spring flowers. Bulbs and buds that are beginning to burst, spring is a joyful time.

If you’re thinking of choosing to marry during spring here’s a little help and inspiration on choosing your wedding flowers…

Nine Pretty Bouquet Featuring Ranunculus

It’s not only summer brides who have the best variety of beautiful flowers to choose from, spring brides have ranunculus! These multi layered beauties are in season, and at their most fabulous, from December until mid May. Available in a large variety of colours from pure white to the brightest pink, and every shade in between, you florist will enjoy adding this gorgeous flower to your wedding flower palette – we car guarantee that! 

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Nine Wedding Flowers That Are Available All Year Round

Most flowers are in season for only a few months at at time. Take many brides favourite, the peony. Their perfect season is from May until late June, a very small window of perfectness. Your florist will be able to guide you on what flowers are available during your wedding time, but if you want to stick to a budget, ask if year round blooms can be used. 

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spring wedding flowers

Sustainable Wedding Flowers – Our Advice & Guidance

If you are planning an eco-conscious wedding day getting your flower choices right, and in line with your green values, is a big thing to consider. Today we’ll talk you through a few steps that will ensure your blooms will look fantastic and are sustainable. 

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Spring Flower Favourites: Beautiful Narcissus

Spring wedding flowers are bold, bright and delightful. The stunning narcissus family which includes daffodils, jonquils and paper whites and are a very popular choice for spring weddings. The daffodil is a clear sign that the winter is over and happier, warmer days are on the horizon. With their cheerful yellow crowns it’s easy to see why these family of flowers are the perfect choice for spring couples!

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spring wedding flowers

13 Beautiful Spring Buttonholes

Across the pond they’re know as boutonnières, which is actually the French word for buttonhole and traditionally the boutonnière was worn on the left lapel of a suit jacket and placed through the buttonhole. They are small, dainty pieces of art usually emulating the brides bouquet. Today we’ve been having a look around on Pinterest for designs that would work perfectly for a Spring wedding. From wild and romantic to bright and powerful, we hope you’re inspired by our choices. 

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11 Fabulous Spring Rose Bouquets

The humble rose is adored by lots of brides and rightly so, rose bouquets are simply stunning. 

Today we’re hoping to inspire your bridal bouquet with a look at 11 beautiful designs that are perfect for spring weddings. 

From softly subtle shades of peach, to powerful pinks and deep reds, we love the versatility of the rose and know you will too! 

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