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Stylish Arizona Wedding That’ll Leave You Speechless

stylish arizona wedding

Some people have all the style, and we are so lucky they are willing to show it off to the world! When we landed on this stylish Arizona wedding photo session by Sloan Photographers, we literally got goosebumps. We see hundreds of photo sessions every week, but very few leave us speechless from start to finish. This is definitely one of them.

We’re not even sure we can say what we like best about this stylish Arizona wedding. There are simply too many things to mention. The vintage style is done just right – very subtle, but made modern with the bride’s twist necklace and mismatched shoes (we love the daring!).  The hair piece is worthy of an appearance in any museum of fashion. The ruffles, the lipstick, the grooms blue and white speckled bow tie! Yep, we’re in love.

Stylish Arizona wedding all about location, location, location

A shoutout goes to some of the locations for this stylish Arizona wedding. While many (dare we say, most?) brides-to-be dream of strolling through trees, flowerbeds, or antique interiors, we have to confess we have a crush on the cityscape as a wedding background. Basically, it’s all about contrasts, and a woman in an ultra-feminine dress against modern city architecture is a stunning pairing. See for yourself below!

There is another thing worth mentioning – how relaxed the couple appear. Have you ever given that much thought? Basically, this photoshoot says: ‘we are completely comfortable with our photographer’. How this chemistry happens is difficult to say (why do we fall in love, right?), but there are a few things you could tick. Like, it’s good if you get along with the photographer, and you all genuinely like each other. Also, we can’t recommend enough a pre-wedding photo sesh, or an engagement sesh. There’s no better way for your photographer to find your best angles and to prepare.

So, without further ado, get ready to swoon over this mega stylish Arizona wedding.

Sloan Photographers

Sloan Photographers

stylish Arizona wedding stylish Arizona wedding

Sloan Photographers

stylish Arizona wedding

stylish Arizona wedding

Leisel’s headpiece and Sterlings boutonniere were made by Jenn Wood. Check out even more from this session at

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