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33 Stylish Suits for 2018 Grooms

There’s lots of options now for stylish grooms looking to make their mark on the wedding day! Like wedding dresses, new wedding suit trends emerge year after year and 2018 grooms have lots of great styles to choose from when it comes to their wedding wear from classic grey and navy two and three piece suits to dapper tuxedos, fun electric blues and mix and matching with a waistcoat in a different colour or fabric to the jacket and trousers (take a peek at 6 Stylish Ways the Groom Can Stand Out for more ideas on how to set yourself apart from the other lads!). Check out the styles we’re loving at the mo, and see where to shop from our round-up below!

Where to Shop

You can rent and buy wedding suits from the following Irish stores:

Collar & Cuff in Dublin, Suits You in Dublin, Dorian Black in Dublin, CT2 Suits in Dublin, My Suit – Made to Measure in Monaghan, Louis Copeland & Sons in Dublin, Aston Formal Wear in Dublin, Saville Menswear in Cork, McElhinneys Suit Hire in Donegal, AB Formal Wear Swords in Dublin, Tangos Dress Hire in Dublin, Dublin Formal Wear in Dublin, Protocol for Men in Dublin, Oliver’s Menswear & Dress Suit Hire in Mayo.

Browse Ireland’s top specialist wedding suit shops here!

Navy Wedding Suits

Top: Suits from CT2 Suits (Photo by David Maury Photography) | Middle: Suit from Dublin Formal Wear | L-R: Magee at McElhinneys Menswear | Dorian Black | My Suit – Made to Measure

Grey Wedding Suits

Top: Suit from Aston Formal Wear (Photo by Ebony & Pearl Photography) | Middle: Suits from Tangos Dress Hire | L-R: Louis Copeland & Sons | Louis Copeland & Sons | Collar & Cuff

Blue Wedding Suits

Top: Suit from CT2 Suits | Middle: (L) Protocol for Men & (R) Suit available from Suits You and Tangos Dress Hire | L-R: Louis Copeland & Sons | Remus Uomo – Remus Uomo is available at Saville Menswear and Oliver’s Menswear & Dress Suit Hire | Remus Uomo – Remus Uomo is available at Saville Menswear and Oliver’s Menswear & Dress Suit Hire

Check Wedding Suits

Top: Torre at AB Formal Wear Swords | Middle: Suit from McElhinneys Menswear | L-R: McElhinneys Menswear | Dorian Black | Louis Copeland & Sons

Mix and Match & Contrasting Waistcoats

Top: Suit from Protocol for Men | Middle: Suit from My Suit – Made to Measure | L-R: Collar & Cuff | Dorian Black | Collar & Cuff

Black Wedding Suits

Top: Suit from AB Formal Wear Swords (Photo by Hu O’Reilly Photography) | L-R: Hugo Boss – Hugo Boss is available from Saville Menswear | Dorian Black | Remus Uomo – Remus Uomo is available from Saville Menswear and Oliver’s Menswear & Dress Suit Hire

Black Tie – Tuxedos 

Top: Tuxedo from Dublin Formal Wear (Photo by David Maury Photography) | Middle: Tuxedos from Aston Formal Wear (Photo by Couple Photography) | Bottom: Tuxedos from Suits You

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